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There's over exaggerated, burden on them and wear and tear even if you're not physically feeling or not thinking that you're stressed your body still physiologically, trying to adapt to these many different changing environmental factors commotion factors. And that's what we call the twenty first century conundrum. Most people are there in a journal fatigue or on their way juryman fatigue in today's society. I think that's really where all these diseases coming from. He of an elevated, your arise in thyroid disorders are, is another immune disorders. Is in hair loss as specially women. All right. Tell me about what stress did your hair still for me. I'm Netflix disposed, like I said, there are multiple factors that are implicated in loss medics, of course, player role in genetics, play a role in everything, but there's a strong component of genetic. So for me, the stress was the EPA genetic component that brought my hair loss into into progression into manifestation initially. I stress myself by having an eating disorder in the ninety s like a lot of teenagers. Did. So that triggered the progression of this and lost a lot of hair which ultimately didn't come back fully until much later in life. And then I noticed that over the course of my life, it was a college and medical school and then residents in another residency. Those were the times that I would shed the most than those are the times that I would lose the most amounts of hair. So of course, even though I'm genetically predisposed to lose inherent that genetic manifestation came out during those times and my stress just come from exams. My stress game from the fact that I was really bad in in college medical school, I lived in survived on on Coca Cola and candy and coffee and tuna fish, which of course has a lot of mercury. So in addition to the psychosocial stress of studying for exams in and an in residence, save Nazli. Ping in all those things that compound. I also had a lot of toxins in my body and very distracted and compromise gut. So as a result, of course, manifested in a lot of hair loss. And recently there was a study that came out in two thousand seventeen. Actually they tested female medical students specifically to see what happens during exam time in after exam before exam, time at during Santa after exam time as a to see what stress hat would affect us has their hair follicles. And of course they found that there is a shift in a pro inflammatory markers as a result of stress. So they saw that there was heightened teach one response. So more inflammatory cytokines such as interferon, gamma, Antena, alpha after stress. How soon do you start seeing her shedding sagana? There's a difference between acute stress and chronic stress. So there is such a. Thing called kill Jinnah flew him that said, diagnosis that western medicine does recognize as stress related in that could be physical stressor or a psychosocial stressor. And what happens is that normally a hair follicle cycles through a growth phase which is recalled antigen regression face cata, Jen, and resting faced diligent. And that goes into exhibition, which is fair fallout, unlike animals that have a synchronized cycle. So for instance, animals can shed all of their for the same time. Seasonally them grown infer our cycle is not synchronized an so lucky for us because we're not shutting all of our hair involved in than regretting it. He so all these hair follicles are in different stages of very finely tuned biological clock each follicle. Imagine this has a very own. Logical clock that tells it when to go into each face of the cycle. When we suffer from an acute stress such as a, you know, an illness surgery, a death of a loved one, a break up or may be a big move or something like that. Loss sudden weight loss. The majority of the follicles or a big portion of the follicles can suddenly shifted into the resting face Teela, Jim, that's very logical because when we are stressed, the body will focus all of its energy on essential organs and disregard. The follicles follicles are not essential for survival. So it's a, it's a kind of survival mechanism that's not where the energy goes. And so as a result of these follicles shift into the resting face from which point there's no way back. And so about three to four months, that's how long the rest in face rep last the follicles will fall out. If you ask somebody, somebody comes in suddenly show..

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