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Also this hour violence in Sudan, now security forces. There move on protesters also pushing for academic freedom in China, and we remember New Orleans chef and civil rights activists Leah chase who died over the weekend. It's Monday, June third author Larry mcmurtry celebrates over thing. Turns eighty three years old. News is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. City officials in Virginia Beach Virginia say most of the sprawling municipal complex will reopen tomorrow. That's where gunman killed twelve people on Friday. The city schools, and businesses are open and bears. Bobby Allen reports the shooting investigation is now in its fourth day. Authorities still don't know what motivated the gunman who was a longtime civil engineer in the city. Police say the shooter just hours before opening fire at his workplace, emailed, his boss to say he was resigning after working there for nine years officials are looking into the perpetrators mode of including why he brought to the scene. A lot of ammunition and a silencer device. The city is ramping up counselling services to survivors and the families of victims. It comes just as a community prepares for memorials and vigils for the twelve who were killed Bobby Allen, NPR news, Virginia Beach. Testimony continues today in Oklahoma in the state's opioid lawsuit. Against pharmaceutical maker Johnson and Johnson Jackie forty of member station. K G, O, U, says the prosecution is accusing the company's sales staff of using biased information to market opioids to doctors sales. Call notes from the early two thousands show that Johnson and Johnson sales representatives repeatedly cited studies. Their own company had funded when they talked to Oklahoma. Doctors, the state accuses Johnson and Johnson of creating a public nuisance through false marketing that downplayed the risks of their opioids Jackie forty reporting Oklahoma's lawsuit claims it will cost more than seventeen billion dollars to deal with the effects of opioid abuse in that state Johnson Johnson says it properly marketed opioids and the state cannot prove it is responsible for opioid abuse. President Trump has arrived in the United Kingdom for it three day state. Visit he's presently meeting Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Iran says secretary state Mike, Pompeo's offer to negotiate without. Pre-conditions is a game of words. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports. The Iranian president says Tehran is ready to talk if the US realizes it has taken a wrong and incorrect approach. The Trump administration has a list of a dozen sweeping demands around must fulfil before it would consider ending sanctions, but at a news conference in Switzerland, Sunday, Pompeo offered to negotiate without any preconditions. He added, however, that US efforts to counter Iran's behavior in the region would continue in response, Ronnie in media, quote, president Hassan Rania saying that quote, the party who left the negotiating table must come back to normal conditions a reference to Trump. Pulling the US out of the two thousand fifteen Iran, nuclear deal, Ronnie added, quote, as long as the enemy does not regret. It's measures in the past. We have no way but to show resistance. Peter Kenyon, NPR news. On Wall Street, stocks are lower. The Dow is down ninety two points. The NASDAQ is down well over one percent. You're listening to NPR from kqed news. I'm Brian watt. The amount of snow blanketing, the Sierra Nevada is now double, the average for this time of year, the State Department of water resources says as of last week, the snowpack is even bigger than the twenty seventeen levels that pull the state out of a five year drought. The California snowpack supplies about thirty percent of water needs across the state in the Tahoe area squad valley ski resort has seen so much snow. This year. It plans to stay open until at least July fifth. The city of Richmond is transferring the management of its subsidized housing program to contra Costa county. Hey cuties, Jeremy Siegel has more. The Richmond, housing authority, manages hundreds of units of forcible housing for low income, elderly, and disabled residents and also gives out section. Eight vouchers to subsidize rent for some seventeen hundred others, but the agency is faced major financial and operational challenges. And his long struggled to meet the basic needs of its tenants. Now officials say they expect services to improve for tenants and landlords with contra-contras housing authorities stepping in to take over the city section eight program. The shift is set to take place at the beginning of July. I'm Jeremy Siegel QB news after one of those insane third quarter runs in a clutch three from Andre Iguala down the stretch. The warriors beat the raptors one. Oh, nine to one four the NBA finals are tied one to one and head to Oakland on Wednesday. We await official word on Klay Thompson, who who left last night's game in the fourth quarter after injuring his left hamstring baseball the Astros swept the as beating them yesterday. Six two four. The giants beat the Orioles, eight to.

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