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Second foul shot. Good eight first-half points for quick Gary Weatherspoon, thirty to twenty six the BULLDOGS lead by four to forty three left in the half. Cumberland left wide open from seventeen feet nothing. But the bottom of the for Jaren nice pin down play action for the curl screen. Top of the Cincinnati down by two again, thirty to twenty eight Nick Weatherspoon crosses the timeline on the dribble fake. The handoff works it to the right wing into the corner to his brother, Quinn, dairy, Weatherspoon drives baseline his shot blocked from behind gets his own rebound. He's triple teamed under the basket to Reggie Perry who as it in and there was no weeks pin under the basket attract in Cumberland was sold to give up that three pointer. He never came down to help ten in the first half, Reggie Perry. Thirty to twenty eight Mississippi State Cumberland open three left corner after no good. And a foul is going to be called on. Oh, he's gonna shoot free throws on twenty three. Brooks got knocked over and the foul was called on Mississippi State, Tennessee. This year will go to the line to shoot a one at one books is really working to get off into rebounds. And Tyson Carter just threw him out of the way trying to get the rebound and Brooks flailed a little bit and sold it and got the call Tyson Carter is six four one seventy. Sold it. So Brooks seventy pounds. Heavier draws the foul. Here comes the front end of a one and one for the junior from Philly. Yes, sir. I don't like that follow through like the results. The gang side follow through. Haven't flashbacks, man. The second shot. It is up. It is good to go Brooks's five or six the line in the first half the total points with two minutes left in the half, the Bearcats trail the BULLDOGS thirty two to thirty. Nick, Weatherspoon triples, pastor court against came broom or toward the left point to the wing, and dairy weather spoke cups it to the low block and Eric Homan driving onto sear Brooks, the top of the key. Here's a three point shot. Yes, sir. For Nick Weatherspoon, get out to the students. Cincinnati is so trained and conditioned to help down whatever that boggles low, but the have to realize they're not going to score the going loaded past seven for twelve outside. The are fifty percent and a five point lead for Mississippi. State of Cincinnati calls a timeout one twenty eight left in the half. Macron it is going to get Trevor more into the game for the Bearcats down by five points. You see the players came out. Just jennifer. General comes out during the time out walks over to the teams walking toward the bitch with his hands going up and down seeing calm down. We're okay. Don't worry about it. We're we're fine. Steady leadership of that veteran. Justin, Jennifer, what they have to make a very slight adjustment. Dan is one on one. You have to trust your big play one on one down low. You cannot leave on the permanent. The big beat you the perimeter players had beat you. This is that each state has ten basket. Seven of the ten have been threes. Six different players have made three point baskets in the first half. You talk about a team getting into the zone. This is carried on for six games now. Whereas a team they are shooting better than fifty percent from outside. The three point line has the ball for Cincinnati lefty drive and a movie screen called on this year. Brooks gets called for a second foul. But he will look at you like he did nothing wrong because it every day in practice. And he's gotta realize it cannot lead a shoulder out. You can't do anything. He's has the stay in game. He's averaging three miles per game in New Orleans one or two thousand offensive. He's out with two fouls. So semi replaces him and Elio has to Nick weather has it in the front court Mississippi State on top by five years Carter driving to the left elbow. Trevor more defense back to Nick Weatherspoon with fifteen to shoot one zero seven left in the half Weatherspoon working towards the three point line. Now Carter dribbling into the lane running teardrop pandits good. That's okay. Because converse. He's gonna kick. It back out. Biggest lead at the half for the BULLDOGS thirty seven to thirty four. That noise level happening at the moment here at the hawk Cumberland, dribbling out near center court gives up his dribble passes for Trevor more feeds it right back. Thirty six seconds left in the hat spending. A tweet to defenders nice feet. The Fredericks who lays it up at the play makers crumble in patients of Frederick's produces two points. Big basket for the Bearcats to stem the tide. It is thirty seven thirty two. Mississippi State shot clock is off the BULLDOGS can play for the final shot dairy Weatherspoon has it at center court. He is usually the guy that shoots in end of half or end of game situation. Looks like he'll go one on one against Jaren cobbling five seconds left in the half. Weatherspoon drives gets to the basket and drive. No. It's an offensive foul on cranberry Weatherspoon as he plowed over a bearcat on his way to the ramp for Sean Fredericks, right? Help position outside the circle. And he's driving hard to try to make a basket. He saw two players around him looking to block the shot, which they were but underneath down low Fredericks anchoring taking the charge because it's an offensive foul. The Bearcats do not go to the line. They have two point three seconds.

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