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Maclay KTAR news K. T. I R. eyes on the economy Arizona's chief operating officer Daniel Ruiz says if you're out of work right now because of the pandemic there's an easy way to apply for unemployment there are multiple ways that many people can apply for an employment benefits go to Arizona together dot org for additional guidance we says they've hired extra workers to take phone calls and have increased capacity in the Arizona department of economic security website Reese was also one of the speakers at last night's town hall on corona virus the labor department is expected to release its new unemployment numbers this morning showing more than six million Americans actually they did release their unemployment numbers this morning and it was worse than expected over seven million Americans filed for benefits this week alone the question on the lips of people across America indeed around the world as when will this crisis be over no one can say for sure but A. B. C.'s Jim rises people do have their opinions only thirteen percent of those responding to the latest ABC news Ipsos poll say they expect like to return to normal by may first about forty four percent target June first for a resumption of something that looks normal with stay at home orders and social distancing the norm the survey asked the open ended question what do you miss most one in five said freedom we are now learning about services for the Phoenix police commander shot and killed on the job earlier this week a funeral mass for commander Greg Carmichael is planned for Tuesday at ten AM at St Jerome's Catholic Church only the immediate family will be present because of the corona virus pandemic the police department plans to live stream the memorial on Facebook KTAR news time seven oh seven here is the third in line from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center one freeway crash Jim it's the same one I. ten westbound fifty First Avenue exit ramp went from a close to now being partially restricted half of it's blocked the right lane closed due to a crash west mountain in the exit ramp stay left to get by you're good to go there's no delay just walk it through their very slowly a lot of people walking around milling about outside of that the rest of the freeways are delay free and no service St rex right now knock on wood the traffic report brought to you by canonical healthy water is essential so Connecticut remains open and fully able to assist you during this time six oh two nine one oh sixty five to seventy or Connecticut AZ dot com deterred and get your news sunny today with a high of eighty five clear tonight with a low of fifty seven and sunshine with highs of eighty five tomorrow and Sunday weather is brought to you by Howard air weather replace repair call Howard air from the KTA are business centres you mentioned that new government report out this morning shows that U. S. employers cut more than seven hundred thousand jobs last month thanks to the effects of the corona virus and its precautions its effects on the U. S. economy the unemployment rate jumped to four point four percent from a fifty year low of three and a half percent activity in the U. S. services sector slowed down in March as businesses grapple with the corona virus outbreak data released this morning by the institute for supply management's eight index it felt fifty to fifty two point five last month from fifty seven point three in February but the good news is in all of this that those polled by the Dow Jones economists expected that to fall to forty five so that's better rate fifty two point five compared to forty five numbers not that bad Wall Street this morning as a matter of fact the Dow is flat the S. and P. is up about a quarter of a percent the nasdaq up about a third.

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