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Thank you for more opening statements. Continue right after this on intelligence squared. Us I'm John Donvan and this is intelligence squared. Us before the break we heard norm. Ornstein make his opening statement in supportive. Vira solution by referencing book called breaking the two party doom loop the case for Multiparty Democracy in America. Well that book was written by Lee Druckman. Who now makes his opening statement against the resolution to choose for two parties? Like a lot of you. I'm very worried about American democracy. Here's our basic problem. And I think Norman. I agree on this. Our democracy is set up to require broad compromise. We have two parties that are roughly equally balanced. Both trying to win an elusive narrow majority constantly describing the other side of the enemy. As un-american storm has pointed out it destroys the shared legitimacy the shared sense of fairness on which democracy depends. We are in this hyper partisan doom loop in which both parties fear. What would happen if the other party gets into power because the two parties represent very different visions of America? We have one party. The Democrats organized around Urban America Cosmopolitan multi racial and we have one party the Republicans based around rural America traditionalist white and those two parties. Frankly it's driving us. All crazy doesn't work with our institutions which are not set up to be narrow majoritarian and it doesn't work with our brains which are easily tripped into black and white US versus them binary thinking it used to be that the parties had tremendous overlap and it wasn't clear what the Democrats or Republicans stood for but now choices incredibly high stakes. I don't see how the Democrats get enough of majority to actually force the Republicans to moderate and even if Democrats do move towards that. I don't think the Republican Party would moderate. I think the Republican Party were turned violent because we know what happens when parties feel like they have no legitimate path to power they turned to other non-political means all.

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