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This this pew poll this most recent pew poll that came out today also shows this we are very polarized political polarization has soared in this country what does that mean well that means republicans and democrats increasingly don't like each other have horrible hate full views of each other among republicans fifty eight percent get that fifty eight percent of republicans have a very unfavorable view of democrats that's up from twenty one percent 1994 democrats feel the same way about republicans fifty five percent of democrats have a very unfair verbal view of republicans and that number has tripled since 1994 when seventeen percent of democrats had very unfavorable views of republicans now's this is a bad thing what's responsible for this i don't think it's a bad thing i think we're divided i think and i go back to this hallways the american people have been asleep asleep at the wheel asleep at the switch four years it all goes back to this gang everything from me goes back to this we have been asleep for years as we've asked government to do more and more and more for more and more and more of us so governments gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger over the years and it's like the american people a few years back woke up and said oh my god we're broke were bankrupt we we have a government we can't afford we have government doing things that that government shouldn't be doing and so a lot of people have finally woken up to.

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