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Head down to Washington D.C. world and national news with Amy Mars Amy All right thank you Paul Let's expand a little bit on what Emily was telling you first Let's talk about the shutdown Lawmakers working to move forward on a stopgap funding measure to prevent a shutdown in less than two days Senate Democrats are hoping to bring a continuing resolution to a vote today Bloomberg news has seen a copy of the bill which is really just a stop gap measure It doesn't include anything about the debt ceiling That bill would extend funding through December 3rd and it includes disaster aid as well as money for Afghan refugees We are following that for you This is House speaker Nancy Pelosi talked about raising the nation's debt ceiling As Congress keeps fighting about how to do that And how we go about it will that's legislation We're balancing one equity or another as to timing and the rest on that And now lawmakers are coming up with creative ways to resolve the debt ceiling standoff Democrats want to bipartisan move to suspend it Republicans are not going to do that So now Democrats are coming up with other solutions like something called a $1 trillion coin a gazillion dollar debt limit That seems reasonable and removing Congress from the equation entirely They're trying to get creative to figure this out Meanwhile YouTube is reportedly taking down several video channels associated with anti vaccine activists YouTube is banning prominent anti vaccine activists and content a new set of policies is designed to cut down on misinformation about vaccines that health officials consider effective This is something Facebook did a few months ago It includes content associated with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joseph mercola who experts say are partially responsible for fomenting the slowdown of vaccination rates across the country Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg.

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