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Social media at 99 the game Instagram Facebook Twitter. Follow us on all the different platforms is always the best way to be a part of our show through our personal Twitter handles reach myself. It's at James H. 316 at James's 316. That's your water cooler talking points. 3 to 6 months in advance of anybody else That's out there. He's in Midtown, producing the show Jarvis in the building at Jarvis D. 90 at Jarvis the night Hawks by the way in the lottery. Get the sixth pick what a junk pic daddies. I would I'm gonna be real honest with you, okay? I would rather the Hawks forfeit that pick then actually picked somebody. In a draft that barely has anybody at the top to start with Outside of Wiseman Edwards in ball, and now the consensus is sort of getting to be Edward's ends up in Golden State. What a junk pic. Junk pick sixes. There's no reason to pick sixth in this draft. None Take that pic. I don't You know what? I'd rather have Juwan Howard than the day I'm six pick of the draft right now. I'd rather have Michael Oher Conde than the sixth pick of the draft right now. All right. This is your night. Look at all things. Atlanta factors here from Canada here in just a minute. Couple of things going on today as.

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