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But now they can't even ask for it. So that means that. Now, there are very few DJ LeMay who who I thought might sign with the dodgers signed with the Yankees today. That's an I think by the way, that's the precursor to the Phillies getting Manny Machado. I think the dodge the Yankees are. You know, they signed to Lewinsky they've got DJ LeMay, Hugh, and they've got gregorious coming back in a year. Right. So I so. Soom? You're right. Let's assume Manny Machado signs with the Phillies who gets Bryce Harper us. Really? They'll go. What's the contract? Look like. It's it makes them the secures. They go as high as six. Yeah. They can go to six right? Yeah. They can opt out after three, but they're not going to do it. They and I don't think Bryce Harper's camp wants them to do it either. Apparently, there's there's I think it's Ken Rosenthal. Also says that three hundred and fifty million dollars plus going to from the Phillies is being offered to arbitrate price. Harper goes, I think Harper ends up in Chicago with the white snow. I don't think so I think that's he has friends. But but keep in mind. I mean, they're going to be awful. They are he's going to use. Hey there or he goes, you know, what actually I'll take it back. I think he stays with the nationals. They've got they offered him ten years. Three hundred million Allred restaurant. And I'm more. He wants to be in Los Angeles. Yeah. He lives in Iowa counts. As friends went one them to be in Los Angeles. He wants to be here. He thinks he can become a bigger star here. I don't understand why the dodgers will not pony up. Here. We moved Puig. We moved camp. We're not gonna get JT where Muto now we're gonna get honestly the dodgers their season comes down to this their off-season. They basically added Russell Martin. They added Joe Kelley reliever they subtracted. Yes. Yo- Puig and Matt Kemp, and that's their off-season. Although Greg pointed out to me earlier today, they do get Cory Seager back. That'll be there. So would the dodger or is this too too much money with the dodgers off offer Harper? Harper wins ten years. What if the dodgers offered him six years two hundred and forty million? That's what I that's what I just jotted down six years two hundred and forty million. I think it's more about the amount of years and the amount of money. He wants more than what Stanton got he wants more than that three hundred and twenty five million. But if he gets six years to forty with an opt out after three I think that's in it really just becomes a three year contract for forty million a year. It's three years one twenty and then he goes back. He'll become hill have the highest average salary of any player in North American sports history. And that's the dodgers point of view, and that makes total sense to us here in LA and maybe to Andrew Friedman. But to Scott Boras and Bryce Harper, I think they're dead set on making that giant number. This is their chance in their mind of getting the ten years, plus the Greg anybody. Gives them ten years. Well, really, I mean, supposedly there's the ten year three hundred million dollars is out there. Plus, okay. But pretend you're Harper. Yep. On you have that you have ten years three hundred million from the nationals in your left hand in your right hand. The dodgers say here's six years to forty. What's a better deal? I mean to me the better deal is six years to forty million ear instead of thirty million a year, and you could go back after three years to get an opt out, you could go back and get more and makes total sense. But I think the the perception of having that beating that tenure three twenty five spite your face the perception shouldn't out rule what the better deal is in the better deal. It'd be forty million a year instead of thirty million talk to Scott Boris. That's just what he's got it at the end of the day of those were his two choices Scott's pretty practical and pretty smart and a port. And according to all reports also is that that first ten year three hundred million was not the first deal that was that was only the first deal they actually offered more on top of that later on and just hasn't been reported out..

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