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I'm Ryan Gorman with me this evening, James Berland er on the board earlier on Twitter. I did a pretty extensive thread on This situation that's developing. You have a lot of Republicans. Look, they understand that another substantial Corona virus relief package is gonna have to be passed. But there are some and Ted Cruz is one of them who now are very focused on fiscal responsibility. And I got to tell you that really pissed me off when I saw it today. Because None of them really gave a crap about fiscal responsibility. When the economy was going well, none of them looked to dial back the deficit to tackle The debts. You know it was Let's pass a huge tax reform package that Is totally gonna pay for itself, even though intelligent wasn't going, Teo, and it didn't and They didn't seem too concerned with the price tag that was going to come along with that, especially if the economy slowed down. Nobody could Forsee That a pandemic was going to take place and disrupt our economy. But at the time, I told you stuff happens. Life is unpredictable. This idea that you know, we're just gonna keep sailing along. Unlikely. And sure enough Something happened. And the economy isn't soaring like it Wass and we're not going to be able to pay for that tax reform package or Cover the cost of all the other massive spending bills that have taken place over the past decade that Republicans have been apart off We know Democrats like to spin. But if you're gonna be the party of fiscal responsibility, then you've got to do the job, not just when it's politically convenient for you. You got to do the job when it matters. So, Ted Cruz said. We can't just keep shoveling cash at this. We're going broke. We're bankrupting our country. And the answer can't be trillions and trillions. More money. We don't got it. So what we need to be doing is not another relief bill. I say this as Someone is part of the generation that is going, Tio. Be dealing for the rest of my life with the fiscal mess that both parties have created in this country. Now. Is not the time. Small businesses and lower middle class workers on the brink of going under. Now's not the time to be stingy. The time to be stingy was when the economy was doing well. When America was doing well, That's the time when you try to get your house in order. Now in a once in a generation emergency. Now all of a sudden, we're going to dial it back. And here's the thing sometimes in life. You gotta spend money to make money if we want the economy to rebound. We've got to take more aggressive action in dealing with this pandemic. And that means funding for schools to improve safety for students and staff. To get kids back in the buildings. Jafria parents to work. We need more money for better, quicker testing a huge part of the equation. It's not Helping all that much. We're doing 100,000 tests here in the state of Florida, but It would take 78 days for those results to come back. How is that helpful? You have to help businesses that are being forced to shut down again, like bars, restaurants being forced to scale back their capacity. They need help. You're just gonna leave all of that. A problem. Look, it sucks that we're adding trillions to the debt. There's no question about it, but the consequence of not providing this funding Is Maura, immediate and severe than the long term fiscal issues will face what we really need, And this is never gonna happen. What we really need is we have to go big right now. We have to make sure that we take care of small businesses. They're dropping like flies. And if you want to see Some of what we're experiencing in this country can follow me on Twitter, Ryan E. Gorman. And I lay out. I've got I've got a couple of charts here. Dead. Shows the amount of permanent restaurant closures. Between March 1st and July 10th. Over 15,000 US restaurants have permanently closed during the Corona virus pandemic here in Florida over 1000 We have 6.5% of all the permanent restaurant closures in the country. And that number keeps going up. So You need to tackle that problem first. And the myriad of other problems that we have to deal with right now because of this pandemic, and then Afterwards. Once we're back on the rebound once we have the virus under control once we have a vaccine To prevent future outbreaks from happening that will disrupt the economy. That's when what you need is you need Congress to go in and start to address the real drivers of the deficit and debt. That's when you go start looking and entitlements and how to reform them, so they're not ballooning. And taking up This massive, disproportionate amount of our budget. That's never gonna happen. The cancer is going to continue to be kicked down the road. But I don't think you Pass a tax reform package that wasn't paid for. And Didn't trickle down as advertised. I'm not saying it didn't help. In some cases. What Right now, the lower middle class in this country needs direct. Assistance. And you're not going to provide it. Now all of a sudden, you're gonna pinch pennies. That's just it's outrageous. Luckily. Those kinds of individuals are in the minority in Congress, and you've got people like And I, you know There are many things I disagree with Tom Cotton on But you've got somebody like him. Who's pushing and saying that we have to do this. We have to do something big. We can't let Hardworking Americans drowned. We can't let these small businesses close up. Sure they could never return can't happen. What's happening in this country is through no fault of the American people. You have got to throw a lifeline here. And help people get through this rough patch. And then yes, we'll have to deal with the consequences of the decisions and spending that we're making right now. But you.

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