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Thanks miss. All right. So we're continuing our six on six here. Oh programming notes. Mo-? Peterson is not joining us today. I kinda thought of being at twelve thirty right now that you probably wouldn't be here. Yeah. He had some come up. Right. So it'll be back next Tuesday. Michigan had a tough loss last night to Merrimack. Did you go to the game? Zach. I don't think I missed. They lost four two. It was one to one going in the third period. Yeah. So obviously it was a bad third period. For. Yeah. Merrimack end up scoring seventeen seconds into the third. And I think they'd tell it another one on later on before Michigan made it a three to two game. And then they Merrimack an empty net goal made a forty two, and that's how it ended side note on that one. I don't know how I felt about Doug cars. John gone that game. Oh, really? Yeah. Randall wasn't on the call. So you had you had Merican you had Doug Karsh on the call for that one. Not sure how I felt about that one. No one up. Well, no, not sure kind of a little different. I would have thought maybe Shep. But then he I know he's dealing with. You know, the situation with his wife and his son. I know his son is doing fine. His wife is is recovering. Sounds like everything is is is moving in the positive direction with with chefs wife, at least though, I would say this in glad to hear, you know, some positive news on shepherds match average family, but he can't do everything. No. I know. I just think that you know, when it comes to the whole next person to take over I think, immediately, my mind goes to match think of Matt I mean when you look at it, basketball and hockey they've got a lot of overlapping games. And so on. They have a hockey dedicated play by play guy, which L Randall was Ben for I don't how many years has been doing for quite a while. Yeah. For for for a bit here. But the Tuesday night. This is kind of a different situation. The only I mean, the only did you not like him at like he was bad. No, I I. The principle of it. I don't know. All right. No, I guess, you know, I guess Al was was under the weather. So I guess that's reason. Why? Yeah. But I mean like as far as the whole Tuesday thing, I mean, you've got the Mel show that happens on Tuesday over a principles. I mean, that's I think the only other reason why. But was it obvious to you because you obviously are play by play guy for eastern, Michigan hockey. And so you you do this. And you're hoping obviously we'd love to see you build it into something. So was your issue with it that Doug Karsh is not a play by play guy and got that opportunity or was it that it was just a bad play by play that you're listening to. I think it's I I think he's he's is not a play by play guy per se. But I mean, I'm not I'm not, you know, Disney on the guy for million on on the run sounds like you might be. The fault does not lie with the person the fault lies the person who made the decision to let him do it instead of someone such as well. I mean, I couldn't do it because I was back your as executive producer for women's basketball. But then again, I don't know where the hell I put my foot in the door to get a shot at it. You know, why I'll tell you. What miss? I'll I will see what we can do to help. You put your foot in the door to get a shot at something like that the next time done. I mean, you've done hockey, and he does Michigan baseball and softball, and when IRA isn't well the thing is about that. As we switched that up where it's just are out at the baseball and softball solo now. The one time. I think that he couldn't do it. That was when you took. Okay. Well, let's do it. How do you define Portia? Hey, well, considering that there was a there was a weather delay at that time too. So I mean, we had to do it makes the fixings on the run the thing that you're getting too though is what is for so many people in every business right is like how do I I'm working really hard? How do I get my opportunity? Right. And I will tell you that we have this. Great listenership, and so as they're listening right now. And you've got a lotta love from people that especially reckless people people like miss if the if the ability rate is like Michael sixty percent and Zach sixty one percent, that's probably MS like ninety eight percents. So you've got that. So we've got this. Great listenership, so there's somebody out there listening right now. This is like, hey, you know, maybe I can help miss out, but I'll do this too. I mean, we've got really good connections in Michigan hockey. I'm happy to pass that along and say, look, you guys have a you have a situation come up dogs a great guy. He can he he does a lot of things from Michigan. But there's other people in the market. That do do this that are play by play hockey guys. But we'll hook you up with one of them and give in for because you deserve it. You you work your your. You're gonna say I can say that word, but you work your rear end off. So we'll we'll help you get that you keep it rated. Say I work my ass off from Bill. He's a big dumb animal, folks. That's what I need right now. Talking about me anyway, regarding Michigan's loss dropped them to twenty eighth in the pair wise. Yeah. I mean Merrimack was towards the bottom of your two out of sixty. They've got some bad losses on their schedule this year, basically this weekend must win next weekend. Must-win basically, they gotta they gotta hit be even even better than last season to close the season to make the tournament. Yeah. And I wouldn't I don't think most people are expect them to. I think they'd have to win the postseason big ten tournament. If we had an honest conversation, or when we have an honest conversation. I mean, he would never say that because he's going to always be looking for the next game. It's what's focused on. But. Yeah, I mean like they had some they came into the year. They thought they had a goalie situation figured out. The situation has been back and forth. They needed some offensive players to ROY stop up with the. EMC line moving on Josh Norris has a little bit and Mike Nick passage off has. But really nobody else has stepped up offense. Like, they're great at controlling the puck and firing shots. They're not going in and edit certain point. That's not luck. That's not a goal. That's not the opposing goalie standing on their head every single weekend. That's that's finishing problem. Yeah. I mean, the the shooting percentages, you know, they've got a whole pepper. The nets mean hell the the Minnesota series the second game they hit fifty shots on net. But they only I think got three goals out of that game as well too. So I mean, you can tell that the shooting percentage is going to be extremely low. If you can't find the back of the net after fifty shots on goal. They don't have. So they've played three teams. I believe outside the top thirty of the pair wise with RPI extra four teams. Right because he played Michigan tack Michigan state, Vermont and Merrimack. I don't think they have a win over any of them. Wow. They've tied. Michigan state twice. I was gonna say, where's LS them? They think like states having a good year. Yeah. Like states in the top thirty. Oh there number. Yeah. They tied. Michigan state twice the lost to Michigan state once they lost Vermont and they lost to Merrimack enemy. Tide and lost in a shootout. Michigan tac. Yeah. They've had a few winnable games. That didn't go that. They didn't win or took to tie because I think in the pair wise whether you win the shootout or win over time tonight. This counts the tie. And so and the other thing keep in mind is harder to move up because the big ten isn't quite a stack this year. I mean, Wisconsin is twenty four Minnesota's twenty six. I think obviously Ohio State four Weena bowl this weekend. A sweep on the road at St. we do a lot. But also it's hard to come by twelve and four this year Notre Dame seven Penn State eleven so not quite as loaded as it had been in previous years. They do have to wins over Saint Lawrence who I guess is actually the worst team in college hockey. So. But yeah, I mean every they didn't win those games. I mean, I mean Avary golden opportunity they've had with the exception of beating Notre Dame in the in the outdoor game last weekend. They haven't been it'll take advantage of. It's just that they're having that type of season, and they're just they can't score and they have defensive lapses. And they've got a goalie problem with big the keep on going back and forth between the two they can't figure out which one is the right one. Because every time they give somebody an opportunity to run with it. He then has a game where he gives up four goals and looks bad. Yeah. Merrimack by the way for those listening at home who maybe don't follow Merrimack is six and fifteen this year. And they don't play in a conference like the big ten. So there they were. E you also have to imagine who's who's going to schedule a road only Tuesday game in the middle of January. You know, probably teams that want that don't have very many opportunities to to win. So they're look into you know, kind of spread their brand maybe pull off an upset here there because I think Meramec beat northeastern this weekend too. So yeah, pretty pretty tough loss. This is a this is like a basketball team losing to a MAC team kind of loss. All right. Let's get back six on six. The question was is Michigan's number one player going in two thousand nineteen. And who do you have is your top three players only ask question a year ago? The you had Patterson up there and Krahn Higdon. But I think two out of the top ten offense players. Yeah. Dramatic the year before that where I think it was like one out of the top ten was offensive player this year. You're going gonna see a lot more offensive guys because that's the strength coming back after the season. Absolutely. I think there might actually be more just because of who's establish there might be more offense of players in my top ten and defensive players. I mean, you know, just basically go position by position offense has a lot of multi your starters coming back defense does not. As far as my top player. I'm probably gonna go with shape Patterson because I think he was a top five player this season for Michigan. I know people are a little weary of his ballgame. Maybe some of the inaccurate throws. Maybe some of the the process time to decide what to do was a little slow. But I think I think if you're gonna if you're gonna harp on the bowl game in the Ohio State game. And arguably the Indiana game gotta look how sharp was against other good defenses in the big ten. So he's probably probably number one is doing most important. He would definitely be number one. Two and three. I'm actually gonna go Lavertu hill. And Ben Bredesen's. So I'm leaving out those receivers they're probably in the top ten possibly all three. Definitely Nico counts down in people's Jones. I'm leaving out maybe some other offense lineman first team all big ten lineman. Jon Runyan, John Rennie junior. I should say click Hudson. We just talked about him. He had a fantastic sophomore season junior season wasn't quite there in the same in the same way. I think Josh Mattel's really, I know again, it's like all of these things after I have the caveat. If you don't count the Ohio State and Florida games, but you do, but I still think Mattel took a step forward this year. I still I still like Carlo Kemp probably more than most do. I think the coaches are really like him. And he's he's someone I wouldn't count him out if they're doing four captains I wouldn't count them out as as someone who could get the nod because he's he's got that kind of presence with team. So was probably my top ten. So I would say to me the guy coming into two thousand nineteen. Probably gotta be gotta be Vert. I think mean, what was it hammer was David line that you had that that stead the rose David Hill did hold opponents to around a forty percent completion rate. I don't have the exact number. Okay. So I mean to me I think when it comes down to a he's probably to me the top guy coming back and what he wants. He wants to kind of go off on top of me. He could have he could have gone to draft easily this year and been a a decent pick along with David long. Obviously, I think she is probably in the discussion the top three as well too. I don't think it have them. And number two. I think to me number two, you might actually be the guy that we just mentioned in the last name weekly guts and..

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