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Above water KCBS is Matt Bigler talked to the director of an East Bay preschool struggling without any help so far from the federal government we grounded Bernice and Joe play school in east Oakland is a lot quieter than usual these days enrollment has been cut in half as day care centers are only allowed to take in children of essential workers even though we have lots of families who are teachers and they're working from home and they're really needing you know or care they can't access the owner and director ana Rodriguez says she's had to furlough her staff she's been hoping the government will step in to help small businesses but we're getting no help for small business payroll funds quickly run out of money and Rodriguez says unless a second relief packages approved they may have to close before the shelter in place is over and so we we really need what will allow us to bring back our staff and get back to work so that when we are locked again nonessential workers will still be there I think that's really the bottom line in the East Bay Matt Bigler KCBS KCBS news time six thirty eight so that would be time again for traffic we checked back with him the best tool in your local Honda dealers traffic center Kim well let's begin this report with the better news in Albany on the shore freeway eastbound interstate eighty the connector to westbound five eighty all clear with a minor injury accident their van a broken axle at merging sea cruise all cleared out of the way now so no longer any delay in either direction on the issue or there is a matter of fact it was backed up into Berkeley and that we still have a residual back up in Oakland nearby eastbound five eighty just west of highway twenty four an accident has been cleared it is still a little sluggish though as you make your way in the eastbound at direction and still super slow unfortunately between Pleasanton and said knoll this is southbound six eighty and it's all related to the overturned big rig accident that happened at three o'clock in the morning and day it's just been monster project getting that out of the way so Caltrans says it by seven o'clock all the south bound lane should be re opened right now traffic has been squeezing through in just the left lane and that's why it's bumper to bumper there as you make your way towards no but once you get through and past eighty four interchange your fly and have been over the single grade in both directions between Pleasanton and Fremont and the smart train if you ride the smart train we do have a delay forty five minutes in each direction due to some mechanical problems and we're updating all of this information if you follow us on Twitter twenty four seven follow us at KCBS A. M. F. M. traffic next update at six forty eight on the traffic leader KCBS the coastal clouds and fog overnight but it's not going to get as chilly as it has been with lows in the low to mid fifties tomorrow temperatures.

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