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Are torchbearer of the week goes to us. Shot put a raven. Saunders who got the silver medal in the shot put hit a quick twerk for y'all on. Tv they cut away. Full of joy. Jubilant took the medal stand threw her hands in acts on the medal. Stand representing in her words The crossroads were all those who are oppressed. Meet saunders who is black who is queer And who talks openly about mental health struggles in about being depressed has been a vocal Outspoken person on all of those things. her stand was also the kind of first biggest public defiance. We've seen of the i. O. c.'s rules about pony protests. They've already tried to come at her. Saunders tweeted let them try and take this metal run across the border. Even though i can't swim But more seriously ravens been absolute light and her voice is so important and let her take it out from here. We keep pushing.

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