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But what I really enjoy about the show as just how bizarre and funny it is. And you have a secret, no government agent spy who doesn't like his job. I don't think he doesn't like either one of his jobs. That's what I'm going with. But like I say, I think he's a freight to tell us debt. No, he seems to be more passionate about music, and then he's got this brother who just. His brother just seems to be in the whole different reality. That's all I'm gonna say. I want to say so much more about him, but I will say that Michael, Sharon is playing tab as a care to watch his character development. He's really his character is one of my favorites. Kurt was Smith at this point, can do no wrong as Lesley Clare. He's great. I really enjoyed the first. Flashbacks we got with him. Man, I was priced that was dying. And it's a. It's it's fascinating Elliott of female. She plays detective Agatha albums. Oh, oh, yeah. There's McLaren player by Chris Conrad. So good. I mean, he's this guy who's happily married his kids at home, and he's very good at this job in piping business. He means John and it's just like a gateway out SIS, like a temporary escape for form. You know. He. He wants to work with Johnny wants to, you know, because he thinks John is this assigning spy, and why wouldn't you if you're this middle class guy Mary with kids and you got this job that you like doing, but as you know, your life is routine. So one day a man approaches you in the bathroom and it's not to have sexual, but he wants to use your so he can pass the drug test about it. So you just like intrigued. You see the way John Kerry's himself. And after time-to-time, Dennis will give John advice because John. You know out the gate is just not doing too well, McMillan. But once again, you know his father and his team times team, we're supposed to set John up and give them other stuff he needs is just not the kind of fallen short a little bit. So it's like jazz character has the ability to be like JAMES BOND, but it's just not feeling like I say, it's just a really good TV series, and I love it in the story line because I never thought about having the spy who else has a job. He hates both. The only real join his life is, you know, his wife and his music. You know, and hanging out with his brother. So John and are close. That close brothers. So when John Ed his whole face lights up. So that's good. I mean, so it just seems like. Saving your countries. A lot of hard work understatement right. But. Things definitely escalate and you find out that, like I said, John had to go work at Macmillan's because he because this kind of overseas he needs to reach. And he only do that through working from Mellon. So he's got a fake to me, makes it. So you know what that is just like knowing that Leslie claret is boss doesn't really like him. He's feeling the pressure. I don't know. I'm gonna have a job in. He's feeling that pressure fired and. You wonder that as well. To manager. Some other surprise that you don't anticipate happening. Within the story. So for example. Jon knew he had to. Since stuff. For the government, but how do you classify..

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