Jets, Josh Mccown, Shawn Watson discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Jets didn't read the room did not read the read the room now you're stuck with no no we're not stuck with anybody that's a favor while you're stuck with josh mccown is going to be thirty nine and teddy bridgewater who doesn't have going to choose somebody third overall and they they have to choose the right one they still would have had to chose the right one at six and they did the right move to move up to three it was just far more expensive for them to do it because they didn't read the room on kirk cousins and just go all in on on moving up they played it by halfmeasure and cousins did him a favor did a favor and you know i thought they should've traded up for shawn watson last year anyway yeah jaguars made a couple moves released alan hearns wide receiver and longtime tight end marseille's louis no after twelve season really the move saves about seven million bucks on her and his deal how jacksonville eric decker parral schefter is visiting the raiders today so he was on a plane going somewhere not to new orleans to oakland by the way that's one of the many things i took out of our chat with mike pereira is that this rule change that i heard about it the combine and told you about the minute the tuesday i got back here it's going to happen the catch will be rewritten two feet down possession any football act and and he says that that fifteen yard defensive passive fearance rule change will not happen even though he thinks it will happen the other thing i took out of it is sean payton tw.

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