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Also Jordan maybe an apologies if he said this few weeks ago, I don't remember. Jordan Christine Ge how do you say that name? It's almost like an Irish name but. Yeah that's kid cutty the rapper khloe seventy. This is a crazy good cast as fanny talked about it is just a reconnect allies it. It is a bunch of kids teenagers on a army base in Italy near Venice or they invented no there's a lots of pretty bridges and canals everywhere. You're the geography travel guy I know Italy Italy's boot. That's what they know a lot about the canals but I don't know. It's. Yeah, it's. Mysterious Army based in two thousand, sixteen in. Italy it is a very. Diverse army bases are mace's probably are. This show. I don't know what to make. It is so strange I am how far you? I'm three episodes in. We've both watched three. I haven't watched this week. I should have gone back and listen to what you said about it initially I, first of all, I want to say I think the acting is phenomenal across the board. Jack Dillon grazers great i. mean he is sort of doing a little bit of a Timothy Chamois pointed notes here. Well Yeah, and I because I said that. I said I. Didn't realize how much they had like would look like I wouldn't have figured that out and I do think that some of that is guate- Nino's. Like the way he his aesthetic. But. Apparently played the younger version of Timothy. Alum as character in beautiful boy which I did not see because I, don't need to. Remember that I don't need to see Steve do capital s serious capital a acting I'm done. Over me washed away. Hopefully he is. Greater is whole good and I don't think he's he's doing shall may impersonation so much as this is. A Wada. Aesthetic honestly, I really do. So okay. So. Acting as it's got that Guadagnino beautiful like it looks so good is so good at film it. There's a scene at this parade that happens every year where he moved camera to the crowd is just like he knows how to build like he's a master, he's a master filmmaker. I'M GONNA get into my weirdness, and I don't this is weirdness that I mostly wear this going. Okay. So I don't at this point understand why closed seventy and it's funny. 'cause I was watching this little Dave and he remarked away like Oh this reminds me like it's like Larry Clark, there's a slightly one pervy kids gone wild thing about it. And it's funny because close seventy was in that and she's the mother. Question you know how old these kids are supposed to be..

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