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And hello this. Is The number ten seventy three? Let's talk about you. The idea ten t community. I talk about myself enough. Let's talk about you events that ID Tintin dot com for all the stuff that you might be wanting to promote for thing that you made or thing that you like that you know someone made like Kenneth who writes. I'm a teacher and coach at centerpoint high in centerpoint Texas during the quarantine time we were providing instruction store. Students from home had no idea. My idea was to create a youtube channel with which I could share information with my students than anyone else who was interested so far. The show is included twentieth century world. History of an Star Wars Review Softball Info this day in history facts BIOS on Texas historical figures. And if thank you to my softball team now. The school year is ended up going to continue putting shows together even plan on doing a reading of Monty Python and the holy grail. My wife happens to have the script. The channels named Kenneth King K I N G. The title of the show is coach. Kings classroom coach. King love it. This is fantastic. A doing readings a python. Oh my God. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. That is definitely doing something positive in with a situation that was challenging. So I I salute that and I'm so glad that you're doing this. I will have to check it out so thank you thank you. Thank you so much. I'm sorry I haven't seen it yet. It came in and saw that these are the things that you're doing and I felt like we got to share this with people so considerate shared and consider yourself thanked my friend and anyone else events at I t dot Com to get your thing mentioned on the podcast for the community. This episode is Harris. Who is a genus? She is a comedy genius. I'm sure you probably have watched strangers with candy if you haven't you should. It is sort of one of the prototypical comedies in the early two. Thousands Colbert on it as well. A lot of really brilliant performers in it is It really helped was just like a lot of stuff that came out of it after a round the same time as like Michael was doing like TV funhouse type stuff and it was just this. It's just this style this vibe of kind of surrealism that I adore and amy is super cool. We've never met before this was our first meeting of via the Internet and and she's read she's super And she has a new show. It's not new. Actually it's in my head. It's much newer than strangers with candy at home in season. Three right now which just premiered. I believe May twentieth. But it is Wednesdays on TRU TV at ten nine central. It's called at home with Amy Sedaris as so. Watch that if you happen to be inside for any reason like I don't know like maybe the world isn't a place to where a lot of people are going out at the moment. Then you can watch you can stay at home and watch at home with Amy. Sedaris ended there. Of course you did. So thank you amy sedaris for being a fantastic guest. This is the ten podcast number. Ten seventy three which we begin now initiating protocol.

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