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Country star. He apparently was caught on tape using the end. We're not refer to a black person but to yell it at a friend in the way that rappers do. That's a dumb bad thing to do. It's not particularly a racist thing to do because he was yelling a bad word. That is a racist word at a white person. Nonetheless, he has now been officially canceled. So Morgan wallet is this country star this massive country star. He shared a video on Wednesday in which he apologized for being caught in a drunken on tape being a drunk basically and yelling at one of his friends, the n word. Now. Was he actually using the N word as a way of denigrating black people? Or was he using it the same way that rappers use the n word? I know that we're supposed to strip intent in context from all of these conversations, but he was not actually calling a black person the n word because that is just blatant racism. Instead, he was using it the same way that rappers use the n word. He was just saying, drunkenly to a friend. Ball ball ball, blah inward. Okay, That is not good. I don't like to use of the n word period. End of story. I don't see in my life. I don't like I won't accept people in my life who say it to me or or with me in in my presence like that's not something that is cool. But is that a Is that a cancel herbal events that, he said in a thing? A bad word to a person who was not black in non racist fashion? That's not the same thing is calling black person the n word. In any case, he apologized, for it is not gonna buy him any sort of love. Of course not. The way his neighbor who filmed this thing, and then put it online for the walls. Is a jackass. It's a Morgan wall and issued an apology, he said. The video you saw was of me on our 72 of a bender. That's not something I'm proud of. Obviously, the natural thing is to apologize further and just continue to apologize, but because you got caught, and that's not what I wanted to do, and he said he was aware that he had let people down, including his parents and his son. And then he explained that he has accepted invitations from black organizations. Executives and leaders have open and honest conversations. They offered me Grace. They also paired that with an offer to learn and to grow, you think that's gonna work for Morgan Wallet? Apparently, it only works with people who are of the left, right if you're of the left, and you say, as you say, medical, anti white like Nick Cannon still has his job, and they can and essentially suggested the white people are monsters and and he still is gonna be having his job at the end of the day. Iced tea has had wildly anti Semitic stuff that she was gonna have a job. So the sort of Be Willingness to to allow people a second chance again only extends to one side of the aisle not to the other side of the aisle because presumably Morgan Wallen is perceived as right wing even if he is not that she's a country singer. That is the way that things weren't nowadays. Hey, This is not an argument that people aren't saying things that are wrong. It's not argument. Gina Crown's original posters Great is on the argument the Morgan Wallace from using the N word with his friends. None of that is true. The question is, are these offenses that you deprive people of their livelihood and careers? And the answer, of course, is no. It's no If you're part of the culture that suggest that people should you lose their livelihood in their career over this, you're part of the problem in the United States. You're making the country wars. You're being the country much worse. You're not going to people quietly and saying In an effort to better the conversation. You know, maybe you should take that down because that's kind of inappropriate. Or maybe that's a bad idea. Or maybe that's overbroad. Instead, you're trying to ruin their lives because they said something that you disagree with is not about bettering the culture. It is not about making the country better place is about you and your 100 moral superiority, because guess what? I promise you, I promise you that if anybody spent half a moment, searching the social media feeds of the bosses over a Disney plus or the lower downs over at the man DeLorean or any of the actors over the man Lauren, they could come up with stuff That's twice as bad as anything Karan has ever said. And if they searched all of the recording industry executives, social media feeds and emails Over the past few years, they could find stuff that they've said that is significantly worse and more damaging than anything, Morgan Wallen said. That is the way our culture works right now. Here's the thing. None of this is done in good faith. None of this is about good faith, making the country better place. You know, I can tell because every two weeks or so, Chris patrons Chris Pratt friends on Twitter every two weeks or so not because he's done anything or said anything every time he translate. Click on it to see Did they finally catch Chris Pratt? Right? That's not what it is. It's that people are trending Chris Pratt because they know that Chris Pratt is a Christian. And because he is a Christian, they suspect that he holds unpalatable social issues views. And this means that if they can preemptively canceled Chris Pratt, they will I promise. It's a real thing. He trains every couple of weeks on Twitter for no reason other than so they can say that Chris Evans is kind of a jerk, but that Chris Evans they wonderful, wonderful human being because he holds all of the right left wing views, and Chris Pratt is super bad, right? Chris Pratt is the worst. Chris is the way that they put it. Why? Because of his social viewpoint. There's no honesty here. They would try to cancel Chris Pratt the same today as they were tomorrow. It's just a question of whether there is a hook that they can hang their hat on. They're trying to do the same thing to talk to Carlson today. So talking, Carlson is once again trending on Twitter, and all of the boycotters are out there trying to cudgel advertisers into dropping his show. They're trying to do so on the basis of a monologue in which he discussed George Floyd. What he said in the monologue is that George Floyd died of a drug overdose. Now I don't know whether George Floyd died due to drug overdose. When I do know is that the Hennepin County Medical Examiner said that he had a fentanyl in her system to kill a horse. And if he had died in his house, then Rightly would have described it to drug overdose now head of accounts, medical examiner said. I'm not saying that the drug overdose killed him, but he did have an extraordinary level of fentanyl in his system. Tucker essentially paraphrased the medical report from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner. That happens to be the same autopsy report. The official autopsy report being used by the defense in the George Floyd case. Tucker cited that and now people are going nuts online. Maybe advertisers should pull because he's pushing a conspiracy theory. Okay? The autopsy's not a conspiracy theory. The autopsy is an autopsy. You may disagree with that autopsy. You should find two medical evidence that George Floyd did not die of a medical overdosed on some sort of some sort of drug overdose, and by the way, that's even if he died of a drug overdose. That still does not mean that the officer in that particular case would not have been guilty of use of excessive force. That's also a possibility. I've said that since the beginning if you're going to go for a conviction in the George Boyd case rather than grandstanding, the easy conviction is probably excessive force, not murder. Because it's hard to put prove causation in terms of murder. When the person is suffering from what is pretty clearly excited. Delirium begs to be pushed out of the car by the cops refused to sit down. They treat them decently for awhile. And then finally When, when his Neil, his neck is not a pawn for eight minutes, which is a terrible video when that happens. It turns out that he doesn't have any damage to his trachea. For example, like there's there's certain realities of medical science that are going to be taken into account during the trial. She could say excessive force without having said murder. But beyond that, You deserve to have advertisers boycott you because you cited a medical report in a contentious trial. Don't paradise and a daily basis and they don't care what you sounded daily basis if they know what you believe they're just waiting. All that is happening right now is they're just waiting. We're waiting for the mousetrap to snap on you. Politically speaking, That is all.

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