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Jeff, NBA, Becky Hammett discussed on The Lars Larson Show


That people recognize that i will tell you she had it even as a young college basketball player she's just a leader myron i don't know how to say it any other way she is one of those people that other people just follow one i think more people are recognizing that and that's why she's up possibly for the bucks job and as a candidate dare paul solves piece and the players should be and was really good and it's spelled out what you're saying jeff in that it said look this is a legit coaching candidates and the biggest points in that piece where that look if gregg popovich vol people was trying to do something for pr like he would never do that he's not that kind of guys over people think oh he hired becky for some sort of pr move when he sees one ahea definitely said it becky is ready to be a head coach he also added that he grew up where his mom was a doctor his father was a nurse but people always assumed his mom was the nurse nurse and his father was a doctor and that kind of always bothered him and he made a point that look in two thousand eighteen we should be on these ideas of what a man can do and what a woman can't do and that's what we're facing in the nba right now the only hurdle that becky hammett has to overcome is the one where men don't think she can coach other men and i hope she finds a franchise that doesn't belie by that baloney because it is baloney and a lot of times guys who doubt someone like becky hammon they don't know anything about basketball they've never culture played at any sort of high level but yet they're the ones know what well what is she going to do in the locker room and paul's piece really spelled out look your goofball if you think she can't coaching this league she's beyond qualified to be a head coach in the nba do we think that pat summitt would not have been able to coach men i think we all know at this point the sure she should she could've coached men well jim oregon's basketball we don't have any concern when men coach women i mean there are so many new all over women's college basketball women's basketball in the wnba we don't think anything of that but.

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