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Yeah. So you know, so pre prior to nineteen fifty four. It was like I pledge allegiance to the flag nights. It's American into the for which it stands. One nation indivisible with liberty and Justice. Got so ninety four. Yeah. Then in nineteen fifty, seven President Eisenhower added in God. We trust to money so he he did. He did the to the interesting, so it's all in just sixty seventy years ago. This isn't a historical. Can you imagine if like President Trump had done that today, people be losing their minds. It would be this is the establishment of a state religion. The ads. The other thing too. I mean, this is a whole different. We ran something on the site of few years ago. Eight people can look it up by presents Frankel whose is a great bible teacher guy. And he was questioning, you know whether early Christians would even recite the pledge of allegiance bike when you break down what it says. Like my allegiance is personally pledged to a flak. That's that's. That's the crux of it, right? Like is even that something that's biblical like should we personally be pledging allegiance to a symbol that ultimately is a nation that ultimately is so much of a construct, right? We created the borders. We created the government. The no one argues that is a contracts only few hundred years old Ryan. It wasn't a salad by God who satisfy people, right? That's not for debate. Should we a pledge in our allegiance, the symbol of a man construct Biblically? Or should we only pledge our allegiance to the kingdom that is alternately borderless used to teach elementary school? There were kids. And my class every year who did not do the pledge and you can't make. I mean, obviously you're not gonna make them, but there are kids every year who were either but religiously or because their parents didn't believe that they did not play, and I taught in public school so on the Christian school. So there were kids every year who wouldn't do the pledge. Sense intellectually that that a religious person would not the pledge because because if I'm pledging allegiance as to what if what, if the flag suddenly would if someone comes into power does something that I don't believe in, I don't want my lead into that internet like, no, and I'm not saying people should refuse, but I think it's, I think you are. I think it's an interesting intellectual. Hi. I hear what you're. I'm just saying it's an interesting intellectual exercise that I feel like a lot of people have engaged with because just a part of our life, like you grow up saying what you're laying down and what I think what what saying. Is everybody should kneel. Here's what I'm. Next week, Trevor Michael, the heat to think he's got some pretty fringe ideas about this. What do you have any? Well, I I'm going to combine the two teams of our two previous slices with animals and controversy. Because did you guys do you guys remember the box of Barnum Barnum Bailey animal crackers. Remember the old box. It just for theater, the mines for everyone. If you can't remember it says, Barnum's animal crackers across the top, and then it split into four quadrants. And there is a lion cub. It's like a parent. Child thing is real cute. A line in cub, a polar bear, a gorilla and an elephant, and it looks like a boxcar. Remember. Old trains trains taken the circus from town to town, and the animals will be on the boxes, and that's what the the picture was. Yeah, right. Well, I'm here to tell you there are no more cages on the box of the Barnum's animal crackers cages train anymore. That's right. Well, and they did not like that that all four eight. If you count mother and child all the animals on the cover of animal father and child. I'm sure it is Cameron. I'm sure it's father and child. You're right. Which one would you like it to be the tiger? Probably the lion. The lion? Yeah. Yeah, I figured I got. I got you now that it's getting hot..

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