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There were congressional candidates at least one of them who was requesting help from goose for which has been linked of course by the special. Counsel to the Russian meddling effort do you have any indication who that congressional candidate was or if they are currently in congress Well I can only talk about the public reporting and this certainly was. A lot of public reporting about Russian hacking involving Florida candidates for congress and. Florida incumbents and of course this is a great concern in terms of the midterms they not only hacked the DNC but they hacked the d triple c two years ago we tried to get the Republican campaign committee to agree that if a foreign power intervened as they did in two thousand sixteen. That we would rejected that neither party would exploit it we weren't able to get. That agreement from the GOP in two thousand sixteen we really need to develop, that kind of national consensus for the midterms that no matter who a foreign power may intervene on behalf of both parties have to agree not to, exploited I and I think one of the chief impediments to getting to that agreement is the president of the United States you, I know, I've been traveling the country helping to raise money. For Democrats successfully I hear more than three and a half million so far when you are Speaking across the country do you talk about the Russia probe and. Do you advise those were running for office to be speaking about it publicly I don't advise people running for office, around the country to focus on the Russian vested Gatien I urge. Them to focus on what they're gonna do to put bread on. The table what they're going to do to make sure that constituents have healthcare I certainly get questions. About it, when, I travel. Around the country and the overarching point that, I tried to make is what the Russians did was not in, isolation the Russians yes they intervened they had a preferred candidate in our election but they've been interfering in Europe and elsewhere for a long time and this part of a global attack on the very idea of liberal democracy and comes at a. Time where we see a real rise of autocrats around the world and America needs once again to be the champion of. Democracy and human rights and that's the context I always try to emphasize this is much bigger than the last election. Or even the next election there is, a real risk to the very idea of liberal democracy right now in the world But does it give. You pause when you hear the allegations that this is viewed as a witch hunt when you are campaigning and fundraising does. It give you pause to speak about this probe at risk of giving fodder to that argument Well I certainly I think feel public responsibility as I do on television as well as when I do in private to try, to inform the public, about what Russia's doing the risk it poses to our democracy but also Margaret I frankly talk a lot more. About the risk to our democracy from this administration in a lot of what you talked about with Kellyanne Conway and that is I think? We're seeing the most comprehensive attack on the freedom of the press in the United States in memory I think we're seeing an effort to undermine the independence of our Justice department to denigrate our judiciary I talk a lot more on the, campaign trail about the threat, to our democracy. From within than anything that the Russians are capable of doing congressman thank you for joining us this morning we'll be back in a moment, with former secretary of, education under President Obama Arne Duncan is take on what's working what's not working.

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