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We'll talk about tailgating at College Football Games. I brought this up a couple of weeks ago. Article New York magazine by Will Leach. Who Lives in Athens Georgia? And he proposed the question that we ask a couple of weeks ago. What if fans are allowed in the stands but you still have people show up to Tailgate at the stadium? We'll talk about that coming up. One of the bright baseball mind that I worked with at the Mothership Steve Phillips host of leadoff spot on MLB network and Sirius Xm former mets GM. He joins US on the program. Steve full disclosure. I heard you a mad dog radio this morning coming in and I said you know what Steve is making some Nice you know concrete bite-sized answers here given opinions on both sides of this and I thought you know what let me have him. Come on in summarize. Exactly what is going on with Major League Baseball Right now? So thanks for joining us on short notice and it's great to see you see it to glad to be here and obviously these negotiations go in baseball made their proposal and I it was effectively a non starter for the union the idea of the sliding and the way to look at it is owners have proclaimed that they're gonNA lose forty percent of the revenues without fans in the stands that includes tickets sales concessions parking all of that that's forty percent. The proposal they made to the players on taking a pay cut off of the prorated salary is a sliding scale that impacts guys differently depending upon them twenty to make but effectively on average. They're asking the players to take thirty three percent pay cut now so effectively. The forty percent loss. They're actually putting thirty three percent of that on the players and only holding seven percent of that themselves from the owners perspective so it's a nonstarter for the players they don't like the sliding scale of the way it's sorta spread out and so the Union now looking to put together proposal. That were here. He is going to be prorated salaries. That's it and we want more games from the owner's perspective. They're looking at it. Saying we lose about six hundred eighty thousand dollars per game paying prorated salaries without fans in the stands. `More Games is worse for the owners and it pushes the regular season deeper into the fall. Were the owners. Have a real concern that they might lose. The playoffs with the second wave of the virus in the playoffs is the biggest line item of revenue for owners right now. That playoff share of the network money. They can't put that at risk and so therein lies the problem in this situation. I let me make you the mediator. Here you're gonNA bring both sides together. What is the common ground that will allow us to be able to play baseball right? So the first thing the players the daughter stand as the owners perspective. There's two things one. Not Having fans in the stands is a major issue when it comes to revenues that needs to be addressed that a player getting a hundred percent of his days pay when the owners getting sixty percent of revenue. That's the problem. The players need to acknowledge it and a half to get off with a prorated salaries the other thing the players donor stand is that if they're gonNA get paid the owners are GonNa pay them up front and then make themselves by collecting the playoff money if the playoffs don't happen that it's catastrophic losses to be odors so the players need to protect the owners with the risk of losing playoffs from the owners perspective. Need understand for the players that prorated salaries already crippled them at half their pay and taking less than that with where they are in the back..

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