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Which is you know his plagued him throughout his years in the n._f._l. I mean so. Do you want a guy that just they sleep or do you want somebody that's going late. That will have a role regardless. Yeah give me one of those guys one of those guys. That's going late regard that role regardless well. We just talked about denver. Royce freeman is going as running back forty the three right like everything we're hearing. I think people forget because philip lindsey was so good last year. I think people forget how good rois freeman was in college and and you know everything i'm hearing out of denver and tell me if you've heard different but is that this is going to be a true running back by committee and end so freeman who was dealing with <hes>. I think an ankle last year almost to find your ball but i think it was an ankle. He wasn't one hundred percent healthy throughout the entire year so so royce freeman is going at running back forty thirty three. I think is a value and you know. I joke about him on twitter all the time but caleb alive at running back forty eight. He's going to be half of that at running back. <hes> team in miami not more so caleb lodge is six foot four well over two hundred pounds and runs eighty four four forty like he is a physical beast and i know people say he's got some issues with his vision but i am a believer in what brian floors and chat auto shares are going to build their in miami and killing barrages. Somebody who's going to get a lot of work and again running back forty eight. He's going in the sixteenth around real quickly. I'll give you <hes>. Let's see a couple of other <hes> we. We talked about some wide receivers. They're mentioned gerald alison. You and i were texting jae-ku moreau yup. Another guy yeah is slipper. Yeah deep like super deep sleeper there. I think he's sort of interesting. I like paris campbell in in indianapolis. I've got a lotta guys there but again pairs campbell's wide receiver <hes> like fifty fifty sixty one. He's willing he's wide receiver sixty one anthony miller and chicago's receiver receiver fit love. I have a good year yeah and how about nelson learn philly yeah how 'bout deebo samuel san francisco. I loved deebo samuel c. but he matthew. There's wide receivers everywhere. It's unbelievable and i do think i do think <hes> markey's brown and miles boykin in baltimore ravens offense is going to be a lot more pass friendly than people think underrated offense and i think there's some unidentified fancy talent there yeah i would. I would completely agree with that. Oh here's one for like here's a guy that should be drafted the war room league. I'm not not necessarily for ten or twelve leagues but if you're in a sixteen team p._r. League like you and i are adam. If you're in a super flex league how about some hunter renfro yes sorrento they love. They love in fact. It's funny say that i was talking to the rams last night and they're practicing it the raiders and they say you could just tell the dune loves onto renfro now. I don't know whether that that means he catches thirty passes forty passes six. I don't know what that means but i know that hunter renfro is gonna figure into the raiders offense this year that i know yeah and especially especially given by the way we win antonio brown. Do you have an inside an and the antonio brown stores. I don't i don't i don't expect to be serious injury. I think that he's in the lineup week one. I don't know that he's one hundred percent but maybe eighty percent ninety percent. Don't think it's a factor. I think antonio brown will be out there without any hesitations. There matthew while we're talking about the raiders real quickly. Darren waller is one of my favorite guy. That's the guy that i thought you were going to say. I love me some while i've talked about him. A lot greg olsen their offense coordinator. It came on the <hes> the fantasy focus podcast at the combine and what i asked him for asleep or just on the raiders i said just give me a sleeper on the raiders and this was when jared cook was still on their team he he said darren waller that was the that was the first name and one other person..

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