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Egg. Try when this am free with any breakfast. Purchase offer in the APP. There's never been a better reason to bring on the bacon always be bacon ating way should see fewer clouds by afternoon, Other words of some pops out and we'll get a high right around 42 43 tonight. How'd your backs like chance for winter? In Mexico? We're getting down to freezing overnight and then just clouds and 41 for your Tuesday it is 33 700, wlw 700 wlw Sports and Good morning Here's the Bangles Update. Lamar Jackson three touchdown passes and bank around Baltimore rolls up 404 yards rushing on the day in the 38 to 3 crushing of the Bangles yesterday by the Ravens in the season finale of PBS. How about that? Rush? Total? Zach Taylor? Yeah. Mangles go to 4 11 and one on the season. Jesse Bates was the effort there. Never questioned that, Um I just think that they made a couple more plays. I'll never say that our effort wasn't there because I know what type of guys we have in this locker room, So no, I don't think it was everything. And how about two questions from Ben Baby of ESPN to the coach in the immediate aftermath of that game? I mean, how would you sum up the 2020 season three? Disappointed. What kind of what was the most disappointing thing about in your mind? Record more tonight on the season finale of Bangles Line, starting at 605. Here on 700 wlw the Bangles. Why the fifth pick overall and a 2021 NFL draft. Elsewhere in the A F C North. Cleveland makes the playoffs for the first time since 2000 and two The Browns holds off the Steelers yesterday. 24 22 their rocket in Cleveland. Basic story. Browns will get their 11th win of the year. They'll go to a limited five and they're going to the playoffs. Unbelievable. What a season teams off the sideline congratulating they could meet each other next weekend at Heights Field,.

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