Knicks, David Phys, President Trump discussed on SportsPhone 680


Well you know we we reported last night right after this dismissal some of the names that the knicks are planning to reach out to here david phys dale jerry stackhouse mark jackson david blatt and there'll be others but i think you know scott perry i think we'll be front and center in this coaching search is gm and you know i think scott is going to and certainly steve mills he's the president and ultimately say but i think they're going to try to find a co chair that they feel they can partner with and work with and i think david physio is going to get every chance to win this job i think he's very much a coach that has them intrigued in new york and a couple of a couple of other places that have openings right now and he's going to be a candidate for more than just the knicks job and you know i think he'll be an interesting candidate to watching this process you know jerry stackhouse has really improved you know he he very quickly has made himself showed himself to be a future head coach in the nba and by going to the g league coaching toronto's team to the g league finals two straight years winning title last year and and and being around toronto and talking to the people who work with him and around them and like this is somebody who's really committed to the craft of coaching puts in the hours watching tape and prepare you know player development and and preparing for practice at running good practices and building relationships with his players all the things you want to see a young coach and you know certainly you know stacks not going to have any problem earning respect in the locker room and so whether jerry stackhouse gets a job in this cycle of openings in the league it's it's conceivable he will but if.

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