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Winning forty nine hundred fifty states and barely losing the one St. he lost Minnesota. Which was Mondale's home state, and he lost it by only three thousand votes, he gave that state to Mondale not humiliate them. And when fifty fifty states. Ronald Reagan lost the same amount of seats. Folks. I'm just I'm not trying to be pollyannaish. I want to be clear on this. And I'm not trying to sit here and say, let's put lipstick on it. It was a great night. There are a lot of downs. Okay. A lot of things happened last night that we're down, and I'm gonna get to those because this because I want to continue to fight today. Always. Because I always fight the fight matters the sacrifices, everything this is your defining moment is the fight you engage in not necessarily results at the end. That's what pills the character here. Right. We still have to know where we lost. Why we lost some of the stuff that happened? All right. Let's get to some of the other the other downsides here. I leave you with some good stuff. Okay. The Medicaid expansion. The Medicaid expansion is is disastrous. It's to looks like it's going to pass three out of four states where it was on the ballot Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska, the Medicaid expansion for you all in in those states disaster. I don't know what you were voting for. But you're voting you're now going because remember Joe the difference here the federal government, would it expands. Medicaid can borrow money. The federal government will borrow money a print money the states don't have that power. So to the people of Utah to Hawaii pass this. I'm not sure, but you ever you have a balanced budget. Most of these states have balanced budgets written into their constitution or have amendments that dictate. So meaning if that Nebraska measure cost them seven percent more money as I saw this would something like five hundred ninety one million more dollars over time that money has to come from somewhere. It has to come from your cops, your firemen, your schoolteachers Nebraska can't print Nebraska money. Nebraska can only use the money given to it by the Federal Reserve. It has no ability to print its own. And a lot of these states have no ability to run up debt meaning that zero sum Joe, meaning wherever that money. Nice. They just called Rick Scott nice. They just called the Rick Scott race to in the Senate. This is awesome. This is why I want to be on the air so bad that I should live show last night. It was so exciting folks this money has to come from somewhere, the Medicaid expansion passing it three or four states is going to come out of the wallets of if you're cops. If you're firemen if your teachers your pension money too. That's just a fact I'm just stating you in arithmetic pro an arithmetic tautological statement the money has to come from somewhere. Everybody wants to give away free stuff doesn't understand that one. There's no money fairy. The federal government can act like a money fairy for a temporary temporary amount of time by printing money and inducing big time inflation later, but the states can't do that. Ain't nothing free babe. No, no hate to. Maybe we'll put that on a shirt ain't nothin' free, babe. That. Maybe we'll by the way, folks, one quick thing. I haven't mentioned in a while. We have this chump store to get off track with some store on our site. All of our proceeds go to go to charity will the south. Hey, at the end of the year how much it is. I can tell you right now..

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