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These useful locker room on espn radio and the espn app you her a segment talk about it been about it there were some great celebrations again today i love that this rule got lucent we've had team show some real creativity they get excited to score i believe fans like it i know a lot of explayers like it as well today we had the vikings do a leapfrog they've also done a a gray we'll we'll have been of gray grape juice names the doctor teams but i call them a great great used do you remember that dr coo's you have any called except the different in minnesota it was very aware everson griffin on as well we explained to us clint ruin do it but it's stuck to accuse and that we use as an adult beverage i know a sort of they call it they call it a gray it was it was a great coup seems very very odd it was not like they should've like they should've called it it's it's it minnesota look i pointed minnesota it's low this whole different out there that we had the steelers today doing a rendition of the ag green and the general ramsey fight from last week right bagels wide receiver aged green through about three haymakers and russell jaylen ramsey down uh jim smith schuster students wide receiver has thoughts about mocking each agreeing jaylen ramsey we will get that in just a second so that do you share my passion for the celebrations yeah the celebrations i think our great because what it does is it it takes individualism that i was like i wasn't a fan of like you know the single guy doing the moonwalk in you know making it all about me but i love that now the whole offensive unit or a defense that scores on a pick six or something now let's bring in the whole band and let's make a little skit out of it i think it's i mean i'm really enjoying to see the.

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