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With the bad boy life and see if it's a life for you it's really fucking weird smashing pumpkins a perfect example of like there isn't really a great ingraham in that prank but everybody's done that at some point right like everybody say pumpkin now nobody i don't think i know anyone who's done twenty in one yard that's disturbing but yeah you just get the adrenaline going i've got a lot of shitty thinks that we did y'all mailbox mashing no that's a federal offense raw dude i never did this one personally but one of my best friends i i'll just give i named jason he did this shit religiously like him in one other one of my boys i don't wanna say his name either but he would drive around and for the record i'm not not i'm not leaving their names out 'cause i think they'll get in trouble i'm leaving their names out 'cause sometimes when you say people's real import they get pissed and it's not that important but him and my other buddy were obsessed with this they would cruise around the neighborhood and just crush people's mailboxes with the baseball bat wow which is just next level shitty like what are you doing what why yes it's slightly thrilling to explode a mailbox with a baseball bat but it's like do you have any idea the repercussions here not only is it a federal offense you're probably not going to get caught it doesn't really matter somebody's coming over work driving to their house and they're seeing their fucking mailbox polls just sitting there in the boxes gone problems shattered all over the place and they're like god what should he think it there's probably mail scattered about the lawn it just just shitty yeah like i mostly harmless but very shitty thing to do and for some reason as kids we do you know what we'll just make it recurring put it on the run down next week i'll come up with the wizard three or more shitty ones in in one of the upcoming episodes but it just amazes me kids are just shitting next segment best revenge movies so i'm i'm huge on this john of movie of revenge movies and the ones i'm going to get like i went through a ton of movies that are largely considered to be you know the most quality revenge driven movies in the game i'll give you an example of one that didn't make my list because it's not a personal favorite of mine kill bill i'm not a kill bill guy but that's a revenge movie the whole movie is driven by revenge now if there's an element to the movie that's revenge based but it doesn't really encapsulate the whole film i'm not using that like most of these are straight up provincial aures and i'm gonna go through them individually in no particular order by the way these aren't ranked i don't think that's possible to do so i'm just giving you my faves first gladiator we all know the story of maximus right this is probably russell crowe's best movie maybe i put a beautiful mind like right there with it i love a beautiful mind it's one of my favorite movies ever of all time period i don't know why just resonates with me like crazy i'm not schizophrenic but gladiator this is the story of that roman soldier who's betrayed by the the new imp you know i'm not going to sit here and pretend they're spoiler alerts gladiator if you haven't seen gladiator please stop listening this podcast is not as important as you going and watching gladiator i guess i should step out then no i need you here but everybody else gladiators great great movie his whole family gets murdered in the whole rest of the movie is him seeking revenge and it is just next level i mean nobody had ever crushed this time period like the whole roman empire gladiator centric movie like this nobody had done it it's so fucking good i still remember the day i saw in theaters which is really really weird believe i was in my great grandmother's town so the random little movie theater love gladiator next up the count of monte cristo obviously this is a very very famous novel a book by one oh god his name is slipping my mind this is bad thank god for google shit book count of monte cristo book book what is your fucking alexandra demoss thank you internet the movie i'd be like kind of flies under the radar the whole story.

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