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Sure line on the ocean. Yeah. I could call it very east coast of you. Or landlocked. I know, it's tough. The other housekeeping is that we have this video. I press wick out. It was our first video that we put out from Scotland. It's an amazing edit video. I saw all the comments being like, this has to be the best production that these guys have put out yet. It's amazing. Press wick is the first place, the home of the open. 1860. Yep. Is that what they think that's what it was? A bunch of guys just got together and they're like, hey, this dude just died. He was the best golfer in the world. Now we need to come up with another best golfer and let's just have a thing called the open, and they just played it, and it was fucking amazing. Alan Robertson, right? Robinson? Yeah, it was like, you guys, it was like old Tom Morris, young Tom Morris, the whole fucking crew. Robinson dies, who was clearly just the best and they're like, well, the best guy died. So we got to figure out who the best guy is. Why don't we do a tournament? Old time won the first one a bunch of them, right? He didn't win the first one. No, he did. He was the heavy favorite, didn't win the first one. How many went, like, 5 or 6 then he won the billionaire. Yeah. It was a dynasty. But go watch that because I think a lot of fucked up, I've set up a lot of fucked up shit videos. And for some reason, we got like striped stricken. Yeah, suppressed. We got suppressed. Because I must've said something wrong in one of the videos, like I said, like, fuck my asshole or something like that. You can bleep that out, Alex, if you want to. Wait, why? I don't know if you want to, yeah. We got like shadow bands. YouTube? Yeah. Never usually. We put this pocket. This podcast will go out and it'll be fun. For some reason, it just got suppressed and we didn't get any views at the end of it. Usually like it shoots it out and we can see on the back end like we got hundreds of thousands of views from YouTube pushing it out to other people on recommended videos, blah, blah, blah, blah. This one stopped at like 40,000. And then we had to do all the rest on our own. It was still doing pretty well. It's well, I just saying, I don't think enough people saw it pop up on their feed because YouTube usually pops it in. Like, hey, you're a subscriber of this go watch it. So you screwed us. I don't know if it was confirmed to me. Was it me Brendan? It might have been he said. Okay, well, you don't have to let it sit for you. You'd probably trigger their pornography. You don't have microphone right now. We don't know what it is. But Frankie talked about coming too much. It cut our views in half.

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