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In line. So it's like ninety nine if you don't have to dungle town too. Everyone can go to dungle town. So yeah, I think that it will be USB see only I think that's kind of where they're going to go of it. I don't think they're going to introduce any type of John ging connector. I think that it's going to be. So I didn't have this on my list only because I'm a little, I'm I'm torn between apple being forcefully in favor of sticking USB on everything and apple realizing that some people have USB a devices and they don't wanna buy Dungl's because I part of me wants to say that apple is just fully committed here and they just, you know, look, we're, we're here for the future and you can adapt your devices if you want, but we're not going to worry about it. But then again, the brand new, I'm at pro shipped with a bunch of USB ports on seventeen contel. Quick story. Yeah. So apple had the I MAC right now, we all know that machine and they got rid of all the legacy ports USB or GTO. Yeah, it was actually the internal marketing hurt. It's not true. But then they had the power. MAC g three similar case like the blue color translucent plastic, and that machine shipped with a single AD port on the back it did and people use it for various things. The big reason, the reason I think it was there Jason United on this is that there was a lot of software required like a hardware copy protection, Don goals that didn't take you to any sort of town at all. They just let your software. Yeah, it was DRAM town. Really. If you were cool high, the prison that's outside of. This correctional facility. Yeah. So if you were cool kid like me and high school and use cork express for fun, you had to have that thing plugged in. So I think about that. But apple wanted the opposite with the MAC book per right, the the new machine that people like us us to like do a live podcast. We gotta have Dongling new cables. And so this is a time like the past doesn't really give a lot of inside think, except that apple is willing to break these boundaries sometimes. And I won't say what I think about your pick yet. But I do think that apple has blurred the lines, the old new when it feels like there's a good enough use case. So. So my next pick, I'm going to go with another product that we haven't really talked about yet in terms of our picks. But I again, partly I wanna spread it around a little bit here and partly I feel like this is Apple's last shot to do their product updates before the holidays.

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