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Life. That you'll be shaving the top of your head and looking like a complete moron on TNT. Because we got the kings, who I have all the confidence, the world we can beat, and you have the predators. And I don't think you're gonna beat them. I really don't. And even if we lose, you're probably gonna lose, and even if we win and then you win, oh, oh, oh, that brings it back bring something up. So apparently I have no clue what I'm talking about, which isn't that much of a surprise if you've listened to this show. And Edmonton and Calgary would play each other. I still have no idea how the playoff seedings work. Because what if Colorado were to lose to Dallas? That's what makes no sense to me. How would then Calgary play Edmonton if Calgary would then be the top seed? That's what I don't understand. I think what happens is Dallas now joins the central as part of the central because that's where the wild card ended up going to play. So Nashville would then be in the Pacific. Wait, what? Yeah. Why would Nashville go to the Pacific? If Nashville is the 7th seed, they'll play Calgary, right? Correct. They get inserted into the Pacific. So they just stay in that bracket. And okay, all right. So we'll also dive into that a little bit after we talk about one of our first round matchups. Unless we're getting into LA Edmonton right now. No, no, no, not yet. We can't talk about the Masterson nominees. They were announced I believe Monday pal Kevin Hayes was Phillies nominations listeners. Each team nominates one player from the team and the complete list. Not the list. What's the criteria for it? It's about sportsmanship dedication to the game and often it's people who have been through some stuff possibly. I saw Tyler seguin with all his injuries and surgeries and nominee for Dallas. So yeah, I think it basically goes to guys or guys get recommended for it that have been through a lot and had somewhat of a challenging season or past few years based on health and a million other things really. Perseverance is the word that you're looking for. Yeah, yeah, not a big deal. And Maya culpa was the other one you were looking for. What did I say? Oh, I don't know if that's how you pronounce it, then I fucked it up, but back to the battle of Alberta potentially in the second round with the fact that they do not restack. They stay in the division. Well, just the fact that nobody has a clue. Yeah, we're going to go into some ideas we have for maybe possible playoff restructuring. But in terms of the master and the trophy, I just wanted to shout out Kevin Hayes quick, which everyone knows he's a great friend of the show. He's a really close friend of mine and it's just been such a tough year and losing Jimmy in the whole family. I'm thinking of them quite often and it's been so tough for them. And then also, as Kevin looked towards kind of trying to regain some sense of normalcy after losing his brother, right? Then he's dealing with all these injuries. He had all these different surgeries. And there was a time, actually, right after we recorded one time, we were on the phone for about a half hour and he kind of told me like, I don't know if I'm ever gonna feel right again. It was the point where one surgery didn't work. Another surgery didn't work, and so you've gone through this awful heartbreak of losing your best friend. And then you get back to hockey, which is something that possibly can take your mind off of what's going on with your family and in your personal life. And he feels like he's losing that. And so I just felt so I was kind of emotional after I talked to him because I love the kids so much. And thank God that he is now back to full health and his season since he's been healthy has been outstanding. He's been the best player on the flyers the last month and a half, two months. Even yesterday or Sunday, they beat the Pittsburgh. He got an assist on an empty netter, but he got it and just took off and kind of blew away from the guys who were kind of back checking on Pittsburgh. Were you able to tell like he's back? And so for him to be able to get through the shock of losing Jimmy and what everyone that Jimmy meant so much to has been dealing with, but nobody is close to him as Kevin, and then dealing with the possibility of thinking you'll never be the same on the ice. He is so worthy of winning this winning this award and no doubt at least being nominated. So I wanted to shout out a guy who's been through a lot more than probably most people in the NHL this season. Off the ice and on the ice and I'm really happy for him that even with a tough season in Philly, he's finally feeling healthy and strong and the same player that he once was. So here here, yeah. I just wanted to all of a sudden, buddy. Well said what a couple of the names I wanted to mention big Z for the island is Jack eagle for Vegas. Brian Boyle for the penguins, he won it back in 2018 as a devil. Gary price for the Canadians gets laugh Anaheim, Jack Johnson, for Colorado. Nicholas backstrom for the caps, Chris Russell and edmondson, kylo postal and buffalo marked all in Detroit. You know, a lot of vets who have managed to stick around for a while and they kind of recognize that. I kind of got a kick out of these ones though. A couple guys who made a trade request then had a real good year and instead of getting traded, they ended up landing on this list, Vladimir tarasenko and Jake de brusque. I mean, I guess it's a good thing because that means there were other guys in the team that didn't go through calamitous shit where they would have gotten nominated, you know? So I guess it's a little bit of adversity but I couldn't help but kind of chuckle like these guys is Ashford trade didn't get it at awesome years and I guess I think he's leading their team and scoring right now so I'd say definitely a bounce back year for him. No, absolutely so. I can pop in and check on a couple other teams. We did mention Dallas a little while back. They have, let's see, 87 87% chance to get in the playoffs. Obviously, if they take care of Vegas tonight, they should be all set. But I don't know if they're built for the long haul, just 14 goals, they'll last 7 games. That was crazy. The line of Robinson hints and pavelski have scored more than 45% of the star's goals this season. They have a 102 combined goals. The other 17 forwards on the team right now have 96 goals. That's insane. Like fucking a 102 goals for three guys and then 96 from the other 17. They closed, like I said, three games, Vegas, Arizona, Anaheim, so we'll see what happens there. Nashville, they picked up a point Sunday's OT loss to the wild. They're still in the number one wild caught spot 94 points. Money podcast has them at 98.2 to make the playoffs. They have Calgary, Colorado, Arizona, to close out the season and shout out to Roman josi. The first demand to hit 90 points in the season since ray bought way back in 1994 and just the 9th of the do it. And also a lot of props the Mac Duchenne became the first predator to score a 40 goals in a season as well. And then forsberg did. As well. I think that's got 40 yesterday for himself. Only 9 players in NHL history or defenseman excuse me have reached the 90 point plateau. Only 9, do you have the list with you? I don't have it with me. Oh, I think I became this. Bobby or Paul Coffey. Larry Murphy's probably on there. No, no. I would say no. I would say, I would say, all right, so we have 5, right? Or do we have 5 or 6? Well, she was the 9th devil. Named 5 or 6. I don't know. Holy fuck. Why can't we do anything? We have yossi reach or bork. Who else do we just say? I said zubov, I don't know if that's true, though. We already named 6. Now I can only name 40 said Larry Murphy. No, I said, I said, I don't think he did, but maybe he did. Coffee did I say coffee? Maybe not. Maybe we should just pull it up. What about Denny parson? Did he ever get 90 points? He did get 90 points in the year 1975, 1976. He had 98 points. Okay, that's 7. Oh, he actually also had 101 points in the 78 79 season. Maybe zubov is because he was on that team with leech, maybe Zhu, can you look up zubov? No, never did? No. Soup off got 89 89 and 93. What two defense are we missing guys? I don't know if you guys are gonna get this one. I don't know. I've never got 90. So we say mcinnis. Like there's no way we would get it, G?.

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