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If if they let William Jackson get away that they're gonna have to start looking at bit finding another starting corner, a slot corner is definitely On the shopping list and free agency, and then you just start doing in pieces. I don't I'm gonna take a third wide receiver would be out of the question. That guy like Josh Reynolds, who played for Zach in L. A Could be an affordable guy that they could go after they've got money toe to do some things in free agency. I don't think it's going to be a typical year for the Bangles where we just see them sitting on a ticking over leftovers on the third wave of free agency J. Morrison with us from the athletic Once again, you can follow J at J. Morrison a th A. J. If they stay at number five. Overall, they're going to get a great player and I've had discussions with other beat writers about this. I like offense. Other people like defense Man, Do you have a feel for what you think or under an opinion on where they might go in five? Um, I don't. I don't think they know yet because they are so they're still trying to, you know, get caught up from last year and then they were getting to know all the senior Bowl players. Once I got back in the Senior Bowl, they really do have been the free agency. Um, it's it is literally Paul options on the table except for quarterback, But I did a mock draft this week. I've got him taking Jamaar Chase that they stay. Put it five today. Sewell was off off the board on my mock draft. So I had him going with Chase the wide receiver. Um I could see a trade back being in the in the works there to go back. Your You gonna have a lot of teams eager to move up and get a quarterback? And if the Bengals could drop back 34 spots pick up an extra second round pick, and then maybe they could take were Sean Slater, the tackle from Northwestern. I think that's an option. I don't think defense is on the table for the fifth overall pick that if they move back, maybe maybe they grab a starting corner there if they lose, Will Jackson? Yeah, that's some good stuff and definitely agree there because there are a handful of tackles that you can get just a little bit later on, man that'll Wow. Which Amar Chase make, uh job, Earl. Happy. Wow. Yeah. I mean, what was the one hole in his game? This shit the deep ball, and he threw 20 touchdown passes. Jamaar Chase and 2019. Those two had an incredible connection on deep balls. I just Wide receiver may not be their biggest Neary of need right now. But if you could bring that guy in and hooked him up with Joe Burrow, and they re establish that connection and get the deep ball going and you got Tyler Boyd in the slot and got T hurt Higgins Urging is the number one job makes him comes back. This offense could really be something special. Yeah, and to get some guys healthy on defense, you're Yeah, And that's one thing that Marvin Lewis always talked about. Didn't he? Fear of the deep ball man that would have a defensive coordinator up nights worried about that? Yeah, and we've seen the Bangles get burned. On that day they give these He's had some miscommunications in that secondary. They'll be plugging along doing really well, then, all sudden, 40 50 yard ball over the top, and it just it changes everything. You can. You can move the ball. That's one thing. But if you can, if you can have that deep threat, or you can score immediately that just totally changes the game plan for any office and J When Frank Polich got hired back, is the offensive line coach with also the title of run game coordinator. Gosh Joe Mixon, when absolutely not sauna on Twitter loving it. Yeah. I mean, speaking from experience, he worked with Frank and 2018. A Billy Price was thrilled when they branded prank. Polic is a big reason. Billy prices here and I know being with fans aren't aren't Super thrilled with what Billy Price has become, but this is a chance for it's gonna chance for him to kind of rejuvenate his career. And that they all were really excited. Trey Hopkins to all the guys that were here that have experience working under Frank Polich love this higher. And you just have to be. Oh, you have to trust them on this. They worked with the guy day in and day out for a year, and I think they were ready for a change. I think Jim Turner. His military style worn a little thin with with this group, and I think the business is going to be a really good fresh start, not just for the offensive line because it further run game as a whole. Where are you going to be watching the Super Bowl and what's on the menu will be on my count. I have not been to a Super Bowl party since Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl attended to Ram Back in 2001. I'd prefer to stay home I don't want I don't want people talking about commercials and anything other than the game. I just want to focus on the game and we'll be buffalo chicken dip that my wife will be making for me. And maybe some skyline did was well, fantastic. I'm gonna leave you with this quote because I was doing some research on pro football reference dot com. We all know that six quarterbacks went ahead of Brady in 2000 combined..

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