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And i was like high gas. You're not going to be a furry then. Obviously if you're afraid of the man south. I can't deal. I need to see some faith. I can't deal with like not knowing where someone's eyes are. It's just not a good thing so yesterday was very traumatic if you see the pictures on instagram. It's like that's the real fear face going on there. I saw that. I was watching it and that you were. You were scared to death. Alright arab well listen so if we get this thing together it'll be a very very interesting deal. There will definitely be guys that it'll show up to talk to me about how they beat boomer in high school baseball or something. And then just be salivating over you and being very creepy that'll happen. I think we'll have some definitely some guys. That'll both be interested in me. And you but i do think that we have that westman do you. Have you met. Tom westman survivor. You know him. Yep that's how great guy. Yes yes like. Like you guys said it's old and done hanson and we're like right now right now type of people. Yes yes very much. So so it'd be a battle between me and you erin. we'll try. We'll try to set this thing up at one of the local establishments and see a longer line. Well let's get the hashtags going already team. Merrin don't even get those news. Twelve people are very dedicated. people. I think it'd be very good. All right thanks for calling in. I appreciate it all right. Talk you guys all right. She's definitely not a dealer so she's got a great personality man. No she does outcome. But i'm like she's on bumbled and hinge and this and that and everything else is a hot box. Iraq's duties days. that's what people do. I had never heard of hinge on whereby doesn't match dot com anymore. is that over e harmony. We're that guy. Go off the harmony guy by neil clark warren. He's probably dead. You think so. Well he was also not the guy that you'd want to see like if you were someone who wanted to go out on a date you don't want to see like eight year old dude telling you about it like he was just not the right spokesperson. He's still he's eighty six. Should try that farmers only. She's not a farmer. Maybe she like a farm. She likes boys in boats. Right guys in both. There's a dating site for boaters. You'll clark warren guy calls the suns games. That's actually san guy. The voting dating site for. Oh yeah that's right here for boaters listen. We realized everything these days. There's a specific group in a site for every we found out about six swingers podcasts. That one day remember that. I got two of them for you. I wanted to ask iron as she had any adirondack chairs in our front yard. There's somebody sent me a picture. It had to be legit swingers. A picture of two adirondack chairs and then pineapple pillows on the adirondack chair is doing it on the law shows. People are begging. You got boating friends date. Okay we've got love sale there is cruising match.

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