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Think by was i was very much what ching as a teenager without a love her back catalogue she's one of those and she yeah this to terni collects in my mind those the one of murals wedding have oh tony klatten that's the one of the six cents and hereditary toni collette nightmares so i don't know which toni collette albie feeling when she comes in she's gonna be very hopefully i'm not gonna feel nervous having to look at her and talk to her thinking about hereditary we'll be fine of course there a whole bunch of movies out as well that we need to discuss this week we go some reviews what will say we mccallum plane the pa book club that summer my friend dahmer lemon do blah and ishmael goose yeah quite low french in there yeah so this is what my half frenchness will come out and hopefully i'll do some good pronunciations and of course you guys if you want to join in with the show you can get in touch with us all the usual ways you know email mail bbc coda uk you know the deal text eight five five eight and you can find us on facebook and on twitter with attainment so let's have a look at the top ten the box office top ten in the uk number ten we have the life of the play you see this i haven't because i was i live in brighton and there was no life of the party available to me.

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