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You know. I think that the the people that have reached out to me when a when it finally became public what i was doing some of the things some of the texts that i got from people. I read him about four or five times and these people and wanting about people racetrack people. They may not paying lip-service tell you what they think. Yeah good and bad and and you know it's you just it's really resin. That's kind of. I think what i'm over. Just what you are what you're doing right now. calling a having me d. Able to talk about what i've done and and where i'm going and people just being really really when to to have friends like that that you've that i've made on the race track P the people in in in regular because we're not with different racetrack. We live at different life. All we think about horses but we we have. We have so many friends so many acquaintances that you make on race. Jack i think that's really More than anything other than really i. I will tell you the the owners that i've had and the relationships i've had but but but the collaboration that that mr parrish that mr mrs perish and i had on all through the years especially mineshaft would be the one thing that that will always That that i that i think about everyday talking with neil howard here on trainer talk presented by face tipped in. Neil were down to about the final four minutes of the program here and it has been just a delight to spend this time with you and can't thank you enough for the visit but i'd like to wrap up the show typically by asking trainers to let me know something about them that people might not be aware of other hobbies other things. They enjoy outside of racing. But as you talked about race trackers or different. We are committed to this sport into the horse. I i want to do it this way with you on this program today. I think we'd be remiss. If i know i certainly would be. If i didn't thank you for your service to this country. People might not realize that right out of high school you spent a couple of years in the navy right. That was a fun time mason. Good friends there too. Yeah yeah well behalf of myself and everybody at horse racing radio network thank you for your service to the country. Really appreciate you doing that. Thank you so much mike. What would it be that. Neil howard enjoys doing away from racing that i don't play golf but i'm addicted to watching it. Who's your favorite golfer. You know i tell you what this might sound like. Just kind of a funny answer. But i love watching professional athletes. How they act like derrick jeeter of the world and people like that. And and i watch i bring up highlights of top ballplayers on my phone all the time. Nobody even knows that. When i'm by myself like but i so so really. I like all the top. Not just because they're the best one but the top doesn't assault golfers. I just love to watch it. But i really go on a baseball big baseball fan the yankees fan. But i could watch highlights of derek jeter and really. My favorite player is yada emily. The catcher and i watch. I loved to watch their highlights and just the way professional athletes. You learn things too you can learn to. That's kind of what i like to do. And some that a lot of people probably don't know. Well neil listen. I can tell you that This hour has been so enjoyable. And i started the program talking about you being one of the nicest most approachable and humble people in the sport of thoroughbred racing. And i remember meeting you..

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