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They've got a couple of pair jogger pants. Frankie was getting compliments. The best and as-as pop up. If you wanna look cool guy wanna look like a hockey player on his day off you gotta get the jogger painting. It is hockey player in his day off. I think it's like the ankle. Pant is what they're calling them on the website. The ankle bone iron them. Don't i tried to discuss the iron. They stuck to the days. Bert right yeah. They're basically like that not that type of like well. That is one thing that i found out and actually shouted to me. I think i turned. Frankie on on saturday with my peter is really good. He kept looking at me and goes. That's the best you ever look at. You did look good. Could usually address right. I just don't matter i. Do you know blueberry whatever you do i was. I was curious there. You can sort of a little bit Down on your blueberry outfit. I was surprised. I've seen you purposely dress yourself on that corner on that corner of blueberry. Today i mean. I've been doing blueberry a lot. Such a good color. It's what's great about for you and me thinning. Oh sure is whoever sending my peter more scripting shouted to them for real because they know me they send me all dark colors. Royal dutch giving their. Yeah giving giving frankie whites which she looks good in their given rigs these beautiful purples throw that on me and it's just it's on me because my body is terrible so they know they give me the dark blues and i look fantastic but the one thing about frankie burning..

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