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It's like a lot. Of these NFL reporters have saved juice for today. I'm seeing Ian Rappaport on the NFL network is reporting that Ezekiel Elliott wants a contract extension this off season that seems early. I have to look at his contract, but he's still on his rookie deal. Here's the kicker guess who else is up for an attack? Okay. Memories. The third round pick. They don't have him as long as a first round pick and Schefter and Morton center out there talking about in Tonio Brown, the TV's muted, but it looks like they're going over pretty much. What our next guest broke our next guest. Ed bouchette from the Pittsburgh post gazette Jordan, the show Ed has been all over the Tonio Brown story. First of all, Ed. Congratulations on breaking the big news. Great stuff. You're obviously plugged in. Pittsburgh does it feel like a Defcon one situation? Things are just very very bad in Pittsburgh. No. Seems like that from from the outside. It's it's, you know, death, calm waters. Cleveland Browns on sixteen. You know, it it never gets that. It really never gets that bad here. The. They do a pretty good job of staying on an even keel, and you know, they missed the playoffs. But these six one right up to the end. Flipside is a lot of people think they have more talent than than what they what they showed. Yeah. I'm one of them, right? So tell me let's get started with this. How is the relationship been prior to this year between Ben Rothlisberger in Antonio Brown? Have they been friendly? Are they cordial do the hang out off the field because this stuff that's popped up this season? I mean as it's been festering for a while. It's never been chummy. And now, they don't hang out they get along. But they're not buddies by any stretch, they're more, you know, colleagues like. They work together. But you know, it it became more serious this year. I think because of few to Smith Schuster. Getting more tension and getting then throwing the ball more than he did AB. And I think part of the reason is Antonio Brown for all his brilliance doesn't run the best of more most precise routes and juju does a better job at that. Do you think that this incident now James Jones of the NFL network? I don't know if you saw his report he's claiming that Antonio Brown at practice ran wrong. Route Ben Rothlisberger yelled, get this guy out of here through the football at Brown's feet and Brown, then just bolted. Do you think juju Smith Schuster, a young receiver who's very talented is seeing this? And is he feeling like Jesus my the because of this tragedy the awareness that this is more about Antonio Brown's insecurities? Do do. I think done a very good job of staying out of it. And in in deference to that report. That's not what we heard at. All. Okay. I don't think that's what happened. First of all Antonio Brown is the one who threw the ball. And after he. After he after he did that he did not practice Wednesday and the two of them talk Brown, and Ben and Ben said, they talk things out and everything was fine face to face or over the phone. Yeah. No, no, no face-to-face. Okay. Thursday morning, Thursday morning. And that's what would happen that morning. The team players voted for their MVP any elected juju MVP and when Antonio Brown hit the roof, and we're all just figuring. That's that was the reason. But we don't know for sure. So we're talking with Ed bouchette Pittsburgh post gazette. So I believe in Tonio Brown led the NFL with fifteen. Touchdown catches. Do you think this is the players sending a message to an Tonio Brown that a man we we just like juju better? I mean is that what that's about you think he was more of an MVP then Antonio Brown on the team this year. No, he was not more of an MVP. Actually, that's what really should have gone to ban. And if it had maybe all this wouldn't be happening. No, he caught two more passes than than Tonio. He had you know, maybe a hundred more yards. I can remember precisely how many. Antonio made the Pro Bowl to to to thought. And you mentioned the touchdowns. It was fifteen to at least seven because you cut one in the last game. But but what's weird? How does it? How does the vote happen? That's gotta be somebody sending a message, right? Yeah. You know, then put in fifteen years now, and he's won that award. Just once I think it's a silly award run. Its course they should just do away with most teams don't have that. And it's a site every you know, guys who think maybe they should win it. It's different one is a Pro Bowl where all pro somebody else's voting. But this is their teammates and our major Sam. You're not are MVP. Second-year receiver is. Ed bouchette Pittsburgh post gazette. All right. Adam and ask you to get out. Your crystal ball and let me know your thoughts, right. Antonio Brown is still under contract. Obviously, you've gotta ESPN Schefter reporting. They will entertain trades is she in multiple reporters saying that. What's your guests on is in Tonio Brown wearing the black and yellow next year in Pittsburgh? Well, be purely a guess, but I I would say they're gonna look hard to trade. You know, a lot of people are throwing it out the salary cap implications. And what we're looking at you know, he stays he's twenty two million. If he goes, he's twenty one million. But what they're forgetting is. They're getting fifteen million back because that's his salary and bonus. That's real money. That's real cap space. You know, it's it's real now they'd have to replace him. So would depend on who replaces him, you know, could get a veteran receiver five million. You're only tended is good instead of fifteen but I think he's eminently tradeable. And I think they could get a number one pick for they might do it. Interesting. Now, we know the quarterback has been a position the Steelers have drafted very well, historically, James Washington is a guy they got last year. Hair? Darius Hayward beta came over he's bounced around the league don't love him. But again, that's a replaceable position. Right. Would you agree? Ed wide receiver w wide receiver to is very replaceable. I believe they have a tight end either James McDonald, one of them is a free agent. They'll probably lose James is a free agent. But Vance McDonald is back, and he's he's actually the better of the two. So that probably could be losing receivers. Again, though, I don't what was the story this year with the team. I mean Levy on bell that cloud kind of hovered over them. Why isn't this team in the playoffs? I mean, you you sound like you think Ben's are MVP. He came up small a couple times that Ed Broncos game interception in the end zone. I don't know. Why aren't they in the playoffs said? The underplayed their talent. And I on defense. You know, it's not one thing. The defense gave up some long drives in the second half. They're still rebuilding the defense from the Palmolive days. Right, right. Yeah. They lost his ear, and they had a Big Joe Hayden fell into their lap. And and and thank your lucky stars for that. But they don't have very many other good players in the secondary. They don't produce turnovers their defense. They're kicker who wanted oh or games for them. At the very end last year. Probably lost three games for them this year by missing kicks. So you know, it sounds simple. Sometimes with the kicker that but their last seven games came right down to the end. And they were they beat Cincinnati. So there were three and four and those games. All right. Ed bouchette Pittsburgh post gazette. Ed, let me just let you out of here on this one levee bell. What's your guests is I don't know him, obviously as well. As you you've been in the locker room with him for several years there. What do you think he ends up going this offseason? You know, I it sounds like maybe the jets I hear more about the jets than anybody else. They have a good quarterback over there. Hey, maybe the jets could get him in Antonio come on add that's my team for multiple decades. No, thank you. We don't need to headaches with our rookie quarterback. Sam darnold. Have you on? It's really not a headache lately onto pretty good player avenue. Wait a sec. And I think you were the one who reported before the Jags playoff game last year. Levy on Belgium's rolls up at the tail end of the walk through. Hey, what's up guys? How are you? Yeah. I don't need that come on. That was that was a that was strange because he normally didn't do that. He was a good team player. And once he gets his contract settled with somebody else. I think he will be again, I don't know that he'll be as good as he was in his younger days here. But I think he's still good player. And I think in Tokyo is too. But if you you know, you gotta put up with the drama, you gotta put up with that stuff. And I think the Steelers are the breaking point. What's interesting? All right. Ed bouchette Pittsburgh post gazette great stuff, Ed. Keep up the good work. We'll look forward to your reporting here in the coming weeks and days. All right. They would be weakened. Yeah. You to it? I kinda love this guys. I I know a lot of the NFL purists are like, oh, this is so NBA. I think this is great anybody young likes the NFL love stars angry wanting out of town new locations coming up next you on the big lead. Fox Sports radio. We got more NFL for you, folks. Listen, the big story this week before the Steelers imploded was the six highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL are not in the playoffs. Why is that? We'll talk about that next. But I got to Isaac low in Crohn's for the latest in sports Jason Adam Schefter, just reported that the Steelers are expected to restructure and extend Ben Rothlisberger contract before the new league year begins on March thirteenth Schefter added tellingly, quote, more cap room, if the team decides to trade Antonio Brown unquote, the playoffs kickoff today at four thirty five eastern with an AFC south match between the Texans and colts from Houston. That'll be followed by the Seahawks and Cowboys from Arlington. The Broncos announced this morning that they've completed their head coaching interview with patriots defacto defensive coordinator, Brian Flora's college football this morning, West Virginia officially announced the hiring of Neil Brown as its new head coach replacing Dana Holger Sohn round what thirty five and sixteen at Troy over the past four seasons including a three and a record in bowl games. NBA Friday night, the Knicks broken eight game losing streak with a road. Victory over the Lakers who dropped to one and four without LeBron James quota the night came from Knicks head coach, David phys. Dale who said afterwards, quote when we win. We celebrate like it's the Super Bowl why not unquote. We will go back to the big lead in ten seconds. But first award from farmers from a dog accidentally flooding a living room to a dog taking joyride we've covered it talked to farmers. We know what thing too because we've seen a thing or two we are. Arbres? Although underwritten by farmers insurance exchanges and affiliates products, unavailable available.

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