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A day of mourning on Saturday largest event of the movement being held in Albany expected to be broadcast a similar gatherings across the country. Organizer Elizabeth Johnston says the flagship event being held in New York because of a recent change in abortion law nation has been reeling ever since Cuomo and the radical feminists not only phonic, but celebrated like they had won a Super Bowl game. The ability to kill babies all the way up to forty weeks rally being held at the Empire State plaza convention center from one to four pm on Saturday afternoon. Johnston says the space already sold out several thousand people expected to attend judge handing down the sentence in the murder of a fifteen year old at the hands of a sixteen year old friend a twenty year to life sentence for Adrian Sawyer pleaded guilty in the stabbing death last July. Maverick Bowman the two boys were partying at abandoned home in Putnam, Washington county. Fatal stabbing happened Sawyers. Lawyer Mark Zuckerman tells news channel thirteen that. They were preparing an emotional disturbance defense. And he says Sawyer talked him out of it getting ready to go to trial. We were prepared for trial and Asian was on. I made the decision to say, no, I don't wanna try. I don't want to put the family through more than they've already been put through and I regret and what I've done, and he has extreme remorse, and he just wanted to accept his sentence. And just be done with Washington county DA Tony Jordan says that two families have been devastated by this murder. State. Police say they've arrested a forty seven year old Gaspard man for throwing snow to trooper during a traffic. Stop on route nine in Monroe after being told to get out of his car. Troopers say Stephen Matthews. Grab snow off the trunk through the snow. The trooper in the snow hit the officer Matthews is facing charges, including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest coming up the W G Y AccuWeather forecast..

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