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Canada has assured canadians. There is no need for concern at this point in time. Based on the information that has been reviewed by health canada. There is no Safety concern with the detroit bombali recipient but we're actively looking into the issue not everyone sees it the same way. Several countries in europe have suspended the role of this vaccine. After cases of blood clots in people who had gotten the shot and now some canadians are refusing to take the astra zeneca vaccine on top of this. There's now concern that we are heading into or perhaps already in a third wave of covid. Andre picard is the globe and mail's health columnist. Andre good morning good morning. How concerning is it to you that these european countries have suspended the astrazeneca vaccine rollet. Thanks not overly concerning know. It's not a bad thing. To err on the side of caution especially when you have alternatives. They have a lot of vaccines of different sorts. So it's not a great concern scientifically. I think that the communications aspect does a little bit scary. It's hard for the public to sort all this out. Tell me more about that because there are questions as to whether this is about science or politics or some area in between i'd say probably some area in between so you know when new vaccines roll out we watch very carefully for for signals. That things could be going badly and when you have a drug that's been used to right now there's been four hundred million vaccines vaccinate a in a done for corona virus very large number of orch short periods. All kinds of things going on to try to figure out are they caused by the vaccine. Is it just. Haphazard is a chance and it's hard to figure out those signals from the noise. And i think that's what scientists around the world and regulators around the world are trying to figure well and you talk about regulators health canada yesterday that it's the same proportion of blood clots that would be expected for the population outside of vaccination campaign. So do we know if there is any causal link between those blood clots and the vaccine. The doesn't seem to be so the consensus. I think the larger consensus. I know it seems to be about the normal number. But there's these little concerning things that The people who are getting these blood clots tend to be young They're happening in little spurts Some countries have many more per capita than than others..

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