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Soci prominent in recent years with killing jolie send activists i'm still stuck and stage it i'm sure many of many of the reporters they are as well and still stuck on how preemptively you know staging a murder reveals those who they think were were actively seeking to kill him well as the pootie the security services of ukraine food this is just one of the episodes in in a big campaign conducted by the indian security service and the that they any traded into the criminal group which was about to shoot a mr chango they knew removed and every occurred in connecticut was happening very very closely do they arrest anyone there rested the arrested the suspect the primary the suspect so let me just put it this way the person has been arrested and this person is actually an intermediary who quite an assessing in ukraine rain to kill our cardi bob chango and this intermediate paid a thirty thousand dollars of loose murder to be to be committed security services have just shown a couple of shots video clips showing the detention over men which again how be because nice right now so no details have been disclosed so far but this is as much as we know as of the moment this is so incredible because we began the day as you know we said with people morning especially since he had written is facebook a few hours before this staged now we know staged murder that on this day for years ago he'd almost died he was getting on a helicopter to go cover the conflict in eastern ukraine the supporters of russia in eastern ukraine finding the ukrainians and he didn't make it on the helicopter it was two full and that helicopter was shot down and so he was kind of celebrating that he'd had a birthday and then.

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