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I mean, you need a whirlpool, you need a Maytag craftsmen whatever need a right. You're going to get a deal. Go get your Westinghouse TB Sears. Am I right on this? I got to look this up. Somebody sent me a message that Sears owns craftsmen. Is that true? I don't know about that. Maybe that's something. I mean, that's where you go to buy crafts. Well that no. That is definitely their house brand. So I assume they do. Yeah. I however go now go ahead. We know that that actually for for example, or Kenmore, which is another brand we just bought a Kenmore refrigerator. It's actually LG is what it is. But I yeah, I I'm I'm pretty sure they own the name the company filed chapter eleven bankruptcy this morning following a long battle to stay afloat amid some steep decline in sales and customer traffic. Nobody goes there. No, nobody I they have a brand though, Sears dot com is a brand. Yeah. If you're forty and over you may want to buy an appliance from Sears, if you're if you're under forty you have. No idea that they even exist. I know I know we gotta they gotta at least just try to hang on enough because we gotta have the Sears name. It's part of America, man. It is part of American if that name is gone not much. I guess if we got if it was really part of America America would be shopping there. I still don't quite understand though. Why is the the? The habit of the practice of getting in your car and going to a store in putting your hands on it and handing the person the money and leaving the store with whatever you're buying. Why is that not happening? Why is it not happening too much hassle hassle? Yeah. It's too much hassle. Yeah. You gotta get in the car. You're going to drive all the way. They're a lot of young people. Don't have a pickup truck to bring that washing machine home. It just doesn't make sense when you can have the very same thing delivered and installed cheaper. Well, you can still have it delivered from Sears. We have delivered from Sears. But at least you go there and look at it and put your hand on it and talk to the people about it. Yeah. Yeah. Of course, we did. Yeah. What do you mean? That guy at the Sears store knows more about that appliance. Well, here's what I did notice that I'm not sure that the caliber of employee what it used to be at here. Well, listen, I got a text miss Sears used to own craftsman. However craftsman has now been sold off to Stanley in recent years due to Sears declined. Okay. So the craftsman name might might continue. What has to control it has to? That's that is a that is a brand. Yeah. I mean got another text message here. Black and decker. Now owns craftsmen who owns crap. Stanley. Is it steers is a black and decker? Maybe maybe black and decker owns the the so confused. Maybe they have like the, you know, the the yard implement part of craftsmen and maybe a Steinle has the tool part of crafts. Now, all of these cells all of these closures rather will be complete by the end of two thousand eighteen stores embarked earmarked to close will. Hold liquidation sales discontinuing their stock in hopes of getting some quick cash. So I would think there's going to be some big sales going on the wanted like line mall. Is that one completely shut down? Now already. It was on the list to be shut down is it shutdown. I haven't been to the mall in months. Yeah. Is it shutdown is empty better know, how long they Ford lake line mall becomes an Austin community college campus, right? Yeah. No kidding. No kidding. I haven't been I in fact, Todd I've been the lake mall one time because that is so far from my neck of the woods. Is it just is it a ghost town in general these days? I maybe there are a couple of months ago, maybe a month ago. I guess and yeah, he was a ghost town on a Thursday evening right now. There weren't as even the mall walkers. They didn't even have old people with their velcro shoes walking laps. Don't see. Barton creek is my mall. I don't see that shutting down because you go to nordstroms in Nordstrom is is still buzzing with people for example, Nordstrom is buzzing because of Nordstrom outlet. Off the rack. Well, I'm talking about the main Nordstrom in Barton creek mall is always very busy. So in certain stores are still very busy. But then you go into Sears as like Hello. Hello. Brooke is on nine seven three. Good morning. Good morning. Hey, guys, doing fine. Okay. So Sears sold. The craftsman brands who company called TCI Garber garner owns riches ryobi Milwaukee empire levels and a number of other Hansel. Hell, okay. I got ya. It was their cash cow, and they sold it Sears. That was their nail in their coffin for Sears. I would think you're right. I did a man. Yeah. Well what? They got to make money. Well, what did Sears is horrible customer service in their in the big box store, and they just can't keep up. They can't get people to the ball. They can't get people to come by their products. Not even their close. Let's see. Let's see Tim Tam. Go ahead. What's on your mind? Hey, how you doing this morning? No. I was just telling I was just telling you it screener. I heard your you guys talking about the Sears. Bankruptcy liquidation. The best. My knowledge craftsman was actually the craftsman brand was sold to lulls. Actually, go into lulls. You will see craftsmen tools all over the place, malls those. Lozo whatever. Sears sells car crafts Lowe's. Cells craftsman now, let's see this craftsman make craftsman is crafts other other than than like Kenmore, which is made by other people's craftsman craftsman, you know, what I mean GTS you can learn yourself rector, and let's see I could take that call right there. Eric he's got an update it's got an eyewitness report for us. Their online one I'll take that call Elissa if we want to you know, she's busy talking to. Okay. Five one two eight three six zero five ninety toll free eight seven seven five nine zero five five to five. We got Trump tweets coming up at the top of the hour. And if you'd like to play five one two eight three six zero five ninety. It looks like a lot of people saying, let's see. The line of tools Larne gun. Equipment was owned by Sears originally. And now is controlled by Stanley black and decker. Thank you, very much real quick, Eric and Pflueger Ville. Eric. Hello. Let me. Yeah. What's your name? Robert louisville. Robert, let me get you on how they are a little confused there. All right, seven fifty six Don show..

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