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Looking back now, almost half a century later. How do you view that decision? I can say this. I got about two hundred twenty five thousand dollars. The council checks to prove I cannot play golf. You know. One of the interesting nobody realized what a bad temper I had. You know, nNcholas played a lot with Jack played forty years with Arnold, and they both said, you know, when I retired and came out and went into golf, I both. I couldn't if they didn't know what a bad temper I had. But one of the interesting things. Was in June of nineteen seventy one. I was playing baseball for the Cleveland Indians in July of seventy two played in the British Open and nearly made the cut. I missed it by one shot I had, I hit the balls woes. Anybody in the tournament. Jack, you're was going for the triple crown, but the day before the pack different we had, he was playing tennis with barb, and you've got a cricket as neck and he comes up to me and I, we're gonna play, Bert, Yancey and Tom Weiskopf and a practice round. It comes up to me and says, don't say anything about it. So we get on the golf course and what I had never played with Weiskopf and Jack knew that Jack's probably most cerebal athlete ever met. And he just he told me, says, during the well. As a jackass. If you know, why did you want to hook this up? He said, I'll tell you why. I just wanted to see Weiskopf with react. I, you hit it by will happen, hit it by him on the I Pol. And so, yeah. Yeah, totally doing around the Jack. I'll promise you wants thing, but he's the one that taught me into going over there. I wouldn't wanna go, but we, you know, we're playing together and he said, hey, you gotta go over and qualify for the open. 'cause you're playing good over. Don't you let all American qualifiers I shot seventy six.

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