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See over five hundred vehicles that Berman dot com. Get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty five point FM Becky forecast tonight, partly. Cloudy with a low twenty six warm day tomorrow with a high of forty two and cloudy conditions. Thirty four at O'Hare, midway thirty nine the lakes. Thirty nine and a wind chill of twenty four over here and the markets closed higher today. The Dow up one hundred and fifty seven the NASDAQ gained sixty six s and p five hundred up by fourteen WBZ news time three twenty. Our top story this hour developing news from London where British Prime Minister Theresa may has just survived nearly unprecedented. No-confidence vote in parliament may has been under fire for involvement in the UK's. Rocky efforts to leave the European Union. Much more on this story with CBS at three thirty one Lincoln park. High school is working with police after threatening graffiti was found in a bathroom at the school apparent says the graffiti reference to shooting at the school for Friday. And while the threat is being investigated school is using metal detectors and x Ray machines to scan students and their backpacks profit says is examination of Chicago departure six practices has determined. The playing field is still one sided favoring the north side. Laura malls is president of friends of the parks. Among many concerns. We repeatedly heard from stakeholders on the south and west sides that it is time for new legal initiative against the Chicago park district because of racial inequities. So we decided it was time to do some serious research also significantly more money in programming. Still goes. Parks in white neighborhoods. She says that they're not talking about a lawsuit. Not yet. The former owner of a shuttered medical clinic on the north side has admitted being part of a scheme to sell opioid drugs to people who did not need them. Sixty eight year old Mohammed Sharif of Lincoln would faces up to twenty years in prison and a fine of up to a million dollars. According to the US attorney's office Sharieff has pleaded guilty to directing a doctor to prescribe nearly a million pills of oxycodone Heidrick. Oh, don't and the equivalent of zanex over a thirteen month period. The clinic was on Sheridan road in uptown. Shrieks take was nearly three hundred thousand dollars. Dr Theodore galvanic had previously pleaded guilty to prescribing. Opioids to people who did not medically need them burning to foia NewsRadio on one five point nine FM. And we're getting some insight into why one popular sitcom, but it's not getting a reboot. Kevin frazier. With added more today's BBN entertainment tonight report sponsored by triplets. Glenn distillery,.

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