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And now this is not just a Texas issue. This is now a national and somewhat even international issue. Texas House Republicans Tuesday voted to find and, if necessary, arrest absent. Democrats like yourself to get you back to the House floor. Of course, since you fled the state, you are out of state jurisdiction. Still, any thoughts on that procedural vote and what it says. You know what Am I would be proud I would be honored. I would be a privilege to be arrested and go to jail to fight for Texans right to vote. And it's not a joke. It is not. I'm not trying to bluster. I would be honored to be imprisoned in order to protect Texans right to vote. This is not a game for a lot of us in the minority community. This is life and death. If we are silenced if we cannot can no longer express our opinion, have our right to vote. Um and we were invisible to the rest of society were invisible to the government. They can firmly ignore us and to just treat us like dirt as they would want to do. I guess. Technically, I should point out that you would not be imprisoned but sent back to the House floor unless you characterize that as imprisonment, and I guess that's not what the Emperor statement that's not. What the government statement this government says that when they catch us, they're going to corrals and keep us, uh, and cages. So I can only take that as meaning. Imprisonment. Um, how are they? However, they want to frame it if they want to come get me. Come get me If you want to arrest me summer rush me It would be my honor. Representative Gene Wu is a Houston area Democrat. He represents district 1 37 and the Texas House representative. Well, thank you very much. Absolutely thank you and we will continue to fight for Texans Rights and with us now is Galveston Area Republican State representative Maze Middleton. He represents the Texas 23rd district in the State House, representative Middleton Good morning. Hey, Good morning. Thank you for having me on. Absolutely. What were you hoping to accomplish most this special session before Democrats walked out. So we had a lot of critical items on the special session call, you know, Fixing the teacher Retirement system. Providing 1/13 cheque are retired teachers addressing out of control, rising property taxes, You know, people are literally being taxed out of their home. We need to Get that under control and provide meaningful relief, securing our border protecting public safety by helping stop violent.

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