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What's right in front of you. One hundred percent loss last year was difficult than about to fight ball. Was that guy that was duck. Everyone i didn't wanna fly dante wall. I was going on different. Sports shows in america Why ducking I'm telling you now. I'm trying to save myself. I'm flying in the background. So no one cares about When i'm in the ring you can see in that even interested the slide. While might have it here is. There's no respect is not for fighting these guys and then went on luster the while. Who is the new rock. Ian he's but why would you give me that. Love the beat him so that people will be out the division. So i was not just folks almost so bad that it was easy to my head free. You could tell me. I was ducking dante out. Tried to back it up by spoke so myself. Now people know don't they wanted made in south that he gave radio for me. He wants to so now. I don't have to prove myself anyone. That's awful long Myself now. I'm sure you appreciate it. That deontay kind of throwing in in one of his rants that he could have made more money to fight you basically confirming everything that you've been you have been saying. Yeah definitely like louis latino. You're finding. I offered to fight bill. Why andrew Respect to the way. He stepped up. We offered to fight. We thought for benefactor mila. You know. I'm keen to find your what is it. Do just gives me an opportunity to test myself. And that's why cobra Though so much about the financial loss on a financial gain is just. Let me get out this year because the time out of the ring that we just tesla so and see how much i love Because a loss to read a rematch. Louise and this is the first that isn't In a year is let me just get back on the gravy train and get back to my old ways of showcasing It will be a bit more technical that would have improved them becomes mob. It will still be with the minds up on his desk. What mageza look. It's a good fight. I mean. I've said pool up earned this mandatory position with what he's done since that wladimir klitschko lost many years ago up. Is it at all heart view. All that being said about focusing on. I mean you versus. Fury is like the biggest fight in british boxing history. It is a fight that will probably put one hundred thousand fans. God willing in a stadium in the uk is hard not to think about. That stuff is hard to but what is a monday. These guys have been my head number. I just know that we've moved out stuff with water. I'm relaxed it. Free with even fewer came together to try me out the division it was bugs then came together to say on weakening can division so by knows away trying to back myself. Be known this. I'm not adam fury's this fury's at now. I don't really wear periods ready. He knows where to find me. Well wild is ready. He knows about to find.

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