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Well, those first couple of years because he had an elite defense with him. And the jets got to the AFC championship games. Weiss? I think but I mean, you want Goff still go on the right path. And even if he loses the game this weekend, he still going to be on the right, but he's had a pretty cushy passed so far to home playoff games. You don't you're not afforded. How can you be great at that position? All time. If you don't win playoff games at home. He's still young. He's only in his third year. This is only a second playoff game. Tack Prescott went into home playoff games. I'm telling you man geo too many cracks at this drew Brees in year thirteen in New Orleans sixteen in the league's only got five home playoff games. There are so few and far between I know there's this is an events. The pageantry of Los Angeles full display on Saturday night under the lights on ESPN. LA radio can hear like eighteen hours of pre-game on Saturday. Probably Travis Rodgers and some Cam brothers are going to be talking about linebackers. You haven't heard of so Saturday that's going to be a special day. And yet I offered to you UI manning wasn't that great for many playoff games. You didn't get home with two magical runs. All and beat Tom Brady twice. We already got cold weather Goff is a thing. That's already become a thing. We learned about this year. No, man. He's right in the middle of the quarterbacks to me. He's right. If statistically I think he's twelve incompletions twentieth. And completion percentage he's right there, as you know, the Cam Nunes in the mariota's, and the Shaun Watson's and Lamar Jackson in the middle of the Kirk. Cousin Matthew staffers, you one of those guys just another really good guy. He's famous because he's NFL quarterback or see the number one pick the future face of the league bedr- office burger. Philip rivers. Russell Wilson Tom Brady drew Brees. You one of the guys and you got to write your own narrative, and it starts this weekend. I'm putting so much pressure are really putting a lot of pressure on these a home playoff game can still be one of those guys and lose this weekend. But then win next year is always next year is always next year. We'll find.

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