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That could be quite critical in the next move fear itself tom we're talking about this on survillence television this morning the idea that the markets are really really terrified of inflation out there but it's going to be very gradual it's not going to be the relation of your past mike leaky thank you so much much more on this in the coming weeks he knows inflation of cyclical and structural nature is mark mobius of course timeless templeton timeless at franklin templeton now i believe is re marquez retired the right word i can't get to mark mobius retired now you're right i don't understand that word i'm not retired we're starting a new company here in london and we're going to continue investing in emerging markets i am absolutely thunderstruck moebius is not retired how do you start a new a new company in emerging markets and if that it what's the moebius angle or twist to make you distinctive among the many investing a very good question and the angle we're looking at is the whole business of governance you know how to get companies to treat shareholders right how to get companies to operate in a way that is transparent so the whole environmental social governance areas where we're going to focus we're gonna come back with you and i want to ask you a question now to lead into that that i know john farrell wants to touch you are an expert on asia the culture of china culture of singapore should america let vago broadcom should we let them acquire qualcomm i would say probably not it's probably a good idea to be very careful and i think it has to be more reciprocity with china in terms of allowing our magoo in alibaba work together and i think it's very important for us to put pressure on china in that direction and particularly in the technology arena because they're moving ahead very fast and i think it's it's something that we have looked at very carefully mark mobius from our studios in london.

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