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So i just had this kind of walked into this great opportunity of getting involved in an actual mars mission as a as a graduate student and just loved working on mars love the the mission operations aspect of it in one of the most exciting times in my life has been that the twotimes when i've been able to remotely witness of robot a robot landing on mars and just the the absolute thrill that that is the the you know ten to fifteen minutes of okay this is ed this is gonna you know everything everything comes down to this moment and then the thrill of seeing the first pictures from these landing sites that no one has ever seen before like it has just added absolutely amazing experience to see these pictures coming in for the first time from another planet and just having that feeling of discovery and exploration i can imagine because n having you have such a passion forces he pursued so far you know getting a phd end in planetary science you know being fascinated with planets and then being able to work hotter are you know learn from a robot that was actually on the surface an of another planet your dad is crazy that is awesome um so that makes me think why so you know you're your specialty is mars and that is a huge part of nasr's journey to mars right we we really wanna put boots on yeah but why that planet you know they're obviously we have we have venus we have uh you know titans looks pretty cool enceladus him you know what what what is it about mars that so intriguing so as far as the boots it all kind of comes back down to the boots on the ground aspect that you're talking about like titan in enceladus are very interesting places europa others other really cool places in the solar system a including if you're looking for for life outside of earth there's other places that you can go look.

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