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Ancient wisdom has been pinched on the master to sail what are the functions of these energy sentiments and cook these chucked help you unlike word destiny and find your purpose. Welcome to my center chocolates chocolates and now your host a giant kumar lock. What's actually drive a._j. Here host and founder of my sewing chaka's my seven chuckers dot com the show with you provide you information about healing awakening and and abundance. How's it going and today's episode. We're going to do and inner exploration to help you discover your higher self and in the process expedients expedients more joy and more happiness from within. Does that sound interesting. It's pretty late here. In vancouver as i record record this session for you it's silent it's tranquil and it's peaceful very different from the day which was full of sunshine energy and and excitement because my girlfriend and i had gone hiking up a hill gord quarry rock in north when cooler and that's why i spent some time in the evening to reflect on the magical moments that i experienced today because the truth is that life is never constant right. It's always changing every day every minute and every second and because there's so much change and there are ups and there are doubts and windy our downs it feels like things will never get better right and maybe your inner difficult occurred really challenging situation right now. Maybe you have a health challenge a financial roadblock relationship issue or a career the crisis and you're wondering what now so i'm here to support you employed you certain mental models are spiritual spinach nettle help you.

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