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Non-negotiable what does it mean. Then for the future of europe if you can be a member but not stick to what is it the very heart of what the eu means indeed. I think that we're opening up a big question. Now i should point out that hungary and poland maintain that this is a political process. Hungary's justice minister in repeated jewish with me and others maintains that there is no single definition of rule of law. She says rule of law is whatever they don't like about hungary you know and it's true that all of the member states have different Legal setups different Constitutional courts of ministry of justice's ministries of justice have different power in in all these different countries but but the fact remains that that both of these countries and also others. I should point out the czech republic. Bulgaria have well documented issues with with using european union funds. That wind up being used in a in a corrupt manner. But but i think the question that you raised is more interesting. Some of the analysts that i talked to say that you know. We're at the us definitely in crisis. But it has a potential for a deeper crisis than brexit. Because for instance the uk is leaving whereas this is fundamentally challenging the way that the eu is functioning. Institutionally from the inside and some member states are already talking about okay. Hungary doesn't like this recovery fund and we will then the twenty five of us without hungary and poland will create our own recovery mechanism and they can be excluded from that if they don't want to adhere to these basic rule of law restrictions. But you know again. What does it say them when you have a twenty-seven member block but but not everyone can agree on how to get out of the very deep economic crisis since the second world war. I mean of course. A massive own-goal hungary and poland. They desperately need those funds Valerie just quickly before we go what happens next the ease instituting legal action. I understand well. I think that the eu are still looking out for what to do. They have told hungary and poland that rather than just veto the budget that they should take this to the us court of justice and challenge the mechanism but what seems unclear whether hungary poland are really willing to do that. I mean i think this kind of high stakes game of chicken will continue but eat for hungary and poland as well. You know the the last budget cycle as well. The funds annually contributed between four and five percent of each country's gdp and both countries stand to gain disproportionately and and have really really suffered tremendously during this year's economic crash. So i think the leaders are still searching for a way out of this morass and the german you presidency has a great task before it. Now there's a big question of whether there will be a consideration of suspending the so-called article seven proceedings that are going on against both poland and hungary already for rule of law breaches. Which are they could end up in both countries losing their you voting rights but because they're being pursued both at the same time and and this would require unanimity it. They're seen as effectively toothless. So there's a big debate about whether lifting these procedures would help move the impasse forward or actually reward hungary and poland for their boisterous obstructive behaviour. Valerie thank you very much. Indeed that's valerie hopkins at the f. T. now still to come on the program more erotic behavior from the white house and we learned this week that depending on your view of things we have either. Bean visited by an extraterrestrial intelligence or that the long winter evenings in utah are on the slow side and takes us through what we've learned this week. This is the globalist stay.

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